2023 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Returns As A Hybrid With 671 HP That Says A 4 Cylinder Is Good

2023 New Mercedes-AMG C63 SE performance It has a very big name and a very small engine. But with a whopping 671 bhp (680 bhp) on tap from an electrically-assisted 2.0-liter, it might convince you not to bother swapping out the V8 for a four-turbocharged, and replacing it with a low-speed, artificial electronic pedestrian warning noise.

Make no mistake, this is a hot Class C racially different from the ones we knew before, and that includes AMG C43 so I recently downgraded from a V6 to a turbo four. Automakers often focus on one major change, such as switching from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive, or downsizing from a V8 to a V6, when replacing one generation of high-performance cars with another. But this time around, it feels like AMG has skipped three generations: In one fell swoop, it transformed the C63 from a rear-wheel-drive V8 turbocharged engine into a hybrid four-cylinder with all-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The engine is AMG’s M139L 2.0-liter four-cylinder as shown in SL43 Roadster and the C63’s little brother, the C43. Like those cars, it features a plug-in turbocharger, but for the C63 the blower is much larger. So, while the SL43 gas engine churns out 376 hp (381 hp) and the C43 churns out 402 hp (408 hp), the C63 rakes in the grass at 470 hp (476 hp). Not only does this match the old base model C63’s muscle V8 despite being half the size, it makes this new version of the M139 the most powerful production four-cylinder engine in the world, and with 402 lb-ft (545 Nm), it should be the most torquey too.

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And that’s before we take into account the electrical boost as well New for 2023. This boost occurs to the rear wheels thanks to a 150 kW (201 hp / 204 hp) electric motor packed to the rear axle with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential and two-speed drivetrain. It can power the vehicle as an electric car with speeds of up to 78 mph (125 km/h) and up to 8 miles (13 km), if driven gently, making it look like a PHEV from a decade ago, but that’s because AMG prioritized power over power. efficiency of this hybrid system.

Relying on a 6.1 kWh battery, the motor delivers a maximum of 150 kW for up to 10 seconds at a time, but is always on hand with no less than 70 kW (94 hp / 95 hp), and powers its second gear of 87 mph (140 km/h) once you’ve accepted the 13,500 rpm tachometer.

The result is a rather surprising gas-electric output of 671 hp (680 hp) and 752 lb-ft (1,020 Nm), making the C63 not only much more powerful than the old C63 S with a V8 and 503 hp, or BMW M3 competition with 503 horsepower But more powerful than the super sedans of the above category like the 617 hp engine BMW M5 Competition. 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) takes 3.4 seconds (down from 4.0 seconds for the old C63 S) and the top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h) can be raised to 170 mph (280 km/h). /h) using a suitable seal from your Mercedes dealer at the time of ordering.

Choose from rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive and EV modes

The electric motor only works on the rear axle, and you can configure the gas motor to do the same. But for the first time, the model works by default in all-wheel drive. Power flows to the 4Matic+ four-clutch transmission via a conventional nine-speed automatic transmission, but one with a wet clutch package instead of the torque converter.

It also makes steering of the rear axle for the first time in The new C63, carbon brakes join the list of standard equipment that includes adaptive steel-spring suspension dampers and an AMG Dynamics drive mode selector with a new “master” mode that allows for the kind of hyper-shifting C63s are known for. Drivers also get AMG-specific graphics in the digital instrument cluster and head-up display, as well as a button on the steering wheel that offers four levels of energy recovery ranging from nearly nonexistent to powerful enough to allow one-pedal driving.

Other new features include a slim hood vent that helps distinguish the C63 from C43 Which also gets the Panamericana’s serrated grille and flared front fenders that add 3 inches (76 mm) to the width of the nose. The fenders wear ‘Turbo E Performance’ badges under their vintage-style hatches, and for the first time, an AMG badge is located on the bonnet instead of the traditional Mercedes badge.

Reserved Trolley for European Buyers

So far we’ve been referring specifically to the C63 sedan, but everything we’ve covered also applies to the wagon, which unfortunately, like The new BMW M3 TouringIt is likely to be off-limits to North American buyers. The long-top version takes 3.4 seconds to hit 62 mph and, like the sedan, rolls on 19-inch wheels unless you upgrade to 20 seconds via an options menu that includes a revised version of the optional AMG Performance seat with ventilated side supports. About the only major differences between sedan and wagon body styles is that if you check the box to raise the wagon’s speed limiter to 155 mph, you only gain 13 mph (20 km/h), not 19 mph (30 km/h). / hour) and that the vehicle carries a weight of 75 pounds (34 kg).

Smaller engine, larger waist circumference

Yes, let’s talk about weight. Forget any thoughts that a four-cylinder cut might be Make this C63 lighter from the last one. The new larger chassis, hybrid kit and all-wheel drive transmission ruin that dream. Mercedes-AMG listed the last C63 S sedan at 3,704 lb (1,680 kg) in the European model, but this car came out at 4,489 lb (2,036 kg). That’s like driving in the old car with three thick guys or four skinny guys. And while the new car is faster and greener (156 g/km vs. 196 g/km), it will consume significantly less fuel (34 mpg US/41 mpg UK in the EC cycle, says AMG) You have to wonder what effect that extra ballast has on handling.

One way to cut that weight would be to stick with a non-S C63 that is likely to later compete with the non-competitive versions of the BMW M3, although the downgrade will inevitably gain horsepower and will remain so. Keep it as light as the previous generation C63.

Mercedes hasn’t released pricing details for the 2023 C63 AMG, but while 671 horsepower tops out at $80,800 BMW M3 Competition xDriveWith 168 hp (170 hp), we expect the AMG to come close to the price.

What will you buy? Would you be happy to replace some of your 2023 C63 horses with a six- or eight-cylinder engine? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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