45 minutes of new gameplay footage

Leaked Diablo IV footage shows a massive brawl in a bleak cavern.

A screenshot from the leaked footage, showing a battle against the Hellcaller Nangari Oracle, which unfairly blurs the obvious textures of the game due to the terrible video quality.
screenshot: Activision Blizzard

It’s been quite the weekend for the big match leaks. In addition to the first footage from a very incomplete movie GTA 6 Pasted all over the internet halfway through September, Sunday the 18th also saw a full 43 minutes of unfinished Diablo IV get downloaded. Snapshots of continuous alpha testing for friends and family Previously appeared last monthbut not anything that comprehensive.

This is strange, frankly. It’s snapshots. As revealed on RedditExactly what you would expect Diablo IV To resemble. It’s very spacious, with a very neat and minimal user interface in the bottom center, and a built-in map and to-do list at the top right. Then the rest of the screen is a character spinning in the dark.

It certainly doesn’t make sense for the screen to be nearly as watermarked as the shots, but behind it all you can highlight some brand-new features that look very stylish, with the Burberry character displaying some massive attacks. There is climbing, there is jumping through gaps, and there is a lot of detail in the textures in place. Sounds just like anyone would want: More Diablo.

Some of Diablo IV's grim footage shows a barbarian next to a large grave.

A sharper, more analog moment of the game, but it’s very difficult to achieve a lot of darkness.
screenshot: Activision Blizzard

I find it funny that features like climbing or jumping really stand out while watching the footage. It’s absolutely ridiculous for such basic games to seem like special new additions, but this is a series where the change is gradual and icy. And if these changes matter to you (as they should – we certainly don’t want them Diablo becoming a third-person action game), you can calm it down by learning that it just seems like more interesting ways to go up and down stairs, or move around a level. You don’t jump the timing, just press a button when next to a gap.

ولكن ، بشكل حاسم ، تظهر لعبة ذات عمودية أكثر بكثير مما رأيناه من السلسلة من قبل. تبدو الكهوف أكثر ثلاثية الأبعاد ، ولا تقتصر على “المستويات” عند الصعود والنزول. along with what we saw in August From the creator of the character and class information, frankly, this leak is almost like Unofficial marketing campaign for a great looking game.

Just like with files GTA 6It’s a great insight into a building under development. However, this is definitely a lot behind in development, and the game is due sometime next year. It’s rather magical to see and hear the bright green lanes played with AI voiceover placeholder dialogue. The worst aspect of this leak is how poor the streaming quality is.

Screenshots of the Diablo IV leak show placeholder combinations and much of the UI.

The screenshots show a lot of placeholder decorations, but also give a good idea of ​​the current user interface.
screenshot: Activision Blizzard

There are some mission spoilers out there, which I won’t share because they don’t specifically benefit anyone. However, it should be noted that it is strange that Activision Blizzard has not yet deleted the original leak files. Perhaps, unlike Take-Two, they realized the amazing free publicity such leaks provide, despite thwarting their marketing plans…no, I’m kidding.

It’s an amazingly stupid leak, as it happens. Whoever decided to broadcast this to their friends (most likely on Discord, given the constant worry all the time) didn’t very well check anyone who was watching it, and did so playing a large design with a watermark and covered with “PRIVATE TEST BUILD” and then a unique number. This means, just like last time, that there will be no mystery to Blizzard about who is responsible.

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Presumably the biggest problem is how to effectively conduct private alpha testing if such leaks are supposed to be prolific and large-scale. These are completely different times for making a video game, compared to 2012 Diablo III. It will be interesting to see how developers respond to future alpha/beta tests.