A gift from the Compatibility Mission in Genshin Impact

There is a new mission known as Garcia’s Paean: The Gift of Compatibility Some Genshin Impact players don’t know how to unlock it. To unlock it, one must complete a specific commission. However, it is a file Sumer Committee. Players can only get commissions in Sumeru if they complete Brings The Morn a Thousand Roses Archon Quest.

The actual commission required for this endeavor is part of Garcia Bien series. Completing it should be easy for every player, but luck in getting it makes unlocking Garcia’s Paean: The Gift of Compatibility tough boy.

Genshin Impact players must complete a commission to unlock Garcia’s Paean: Compatibility Gift

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There is a global mission called Garcia Bien In Liyue to be completed in order to carry out commissions. It is located in Wangshu Inn, but travelers should know that Archon Quest Wangshu A VIP is used in this mission.

Thus, they must complete Wangshu before trying Garcia Bien. This mission was released in Genshin Impact 2.7, so there is a possibility that the player has already done it.

Garcia’s Paean: The Basics

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The video above shows one commission required to unlock Garcia’s Paean: the Compatibility Gift. Basically, travelers do the following:

  1. Have a long conversation with Garcia.
  2. Defeat some slime next door.
  3. Back to Garcia.

It’s everything Jinshin effect The player must be able to do it. However, there is no way to guarantee that travelers will receive this specific commission. After all, they could have a fair set of Sumeru Commissions instead of these.

Remember, players can only get four commissions per day.

Change this setting to Sumeru (Image via HoYoverse)tasks of the Committee“From the current setup to Sumeru. Doing so will increase your odds of getting Garcia’s Paean: The Basics.

Garcia Payne: Alternative

Curiously, there was no video evidence of this commission at the time of writing this article. However, here is the basic premise:

  1. Talk to Garcia.
  2. Give him either two Treasure Hoarder Insignias, two Silver Raven Insignias, or two Golden Raven Insignias.

As with the previous commission, there is no guarantee that players will get these. These items are easy to get, so once you complete this quest, it’s time to do the main quest your readers want to unlock.

The World Quest mission does not require any specific daily resets like commissions, which means that one can get started on it right away.

Garcia’s Paean: The Gift of Compatibility

No idea how to unlock these last three; __; It’s Garcia’s first chant. I’ll guess everything else from the diary

To open Garcia’s Paean: The Gift of CompatibilityGenshin Impact players must have completed:

  • Garcia Bien
  • Garcia’s Paean: The Basics
  • Garcia Payne: Alternative

There is no way to guarantee that they will get the commission they prefer. For this quest, Genshin Impact players basically go through a series of dialogues in different locations. Unlocking it is much more difficult than actually completing it.

Once Garcia’s Paean: The Gift of Compatibility Done, travelers can get a file SUMERO EXP Reputation They really deserve it.

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