All characters officially confirmed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to introduce brand new characters to the popular monster themed franchise.

All Entering the main game series It has a professor, competitors, friends, opponents, gym leaders, elite four members, a pokemon champion and many other NPCs lying around.

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When it comes to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Paldea region is packed with a host of characters that will keep players invested and help them move. Various storylines Along.

All confirmed characters for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet

In Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, the school you attended hosts a special independent study project. The theme of this mission is “Treasure Hunt!” Explore the world and find your own treasure! 🗺️⛏️❤️💜

Few characters have been confirmed for the games so far. There will definitely be more, some even an exclusive edition, so not all players will have the chance to meet them unless they own both Scarlet and Violet.

The setting, outfit, available Pokémon, aspects of the story, and specific characters will all change depending on the version being played.

Here’s every character known to appear at this point:

  • The main character: As always, the main character can be customized. He is a young trainer who is ready to start his Pokemon journey, the rest is up to the player.
  • professor now: Professor Echo is an exclusive Professor of Scarlet. Its name is based on the Spanish word for the past.
  • Professor Toru: Violet’s echo counterpart is Professor Toru. Its name comes from the Spanish word for future.
  • nemo: Nemona will act as the player’s guide throughout Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You will be the main companion and will likely offer challenging battles along the way.
  • clove: Clavel is the director of the academy that the player attends, and his appearance changes according to the version of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet.
  • jack: Jack is a class teacher and biology teacher at the academy. He is responsible for developing the Pokedex app for Rotom phones.
  • the legacy: Arven finds his spotlight in the Path of Legends story. It will help the player to locate Titan Pokemon who is a great cook.
  • Benny: Penny is a classmate and very shy. Not much is known, but she has a giant Eevee backpack that makes her stand out.
  • grouchyGrusha is the leader of the Glaseado Lounge. The Ice trainer was a professional snowboarder before becoming a gym leader.
  • star team: There must be countless Team Star members in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It is a vile group consisting of several teams with powerful bosses who must be stopped.
  • miles: Mila is the head of Team Star. She is very stubborn and has no problem doing whatever it takes to be successful.
  • Geta: The President of the Pokemon League is also loved to be one of its heroes. Players will meet her in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as they look to become a hero themselves.
  • Brasius: Brassius is nicknamed the green Virtuoso. He is the leader of a turf-type gym at Artazon. Believes. Pokemon fights are works of art.

The upcoming entries are an entirely new way to experience the Pokémon franchise. They take sides Mythology: Arceus And combine it with the games that gamers know and love.

Geeta is the president of the Pokémon League and is the most skilled of all the trainers ranked at the Champions level. Although moderate in demeanor, Gita has a commanding presence, and anyone who calls themselves a Pokémon trainer is said to look at her. ❤️💜

It’s often the characters that appear in these games that make them so special. By their looks, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company want to make sure that the characters scarlet and violet Do not forget.