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Today, we’ll be mostly Listen to this wonderful weekend meditationAnd reflect on all the weird and wonderful things that happened this week. Because, through Julie, there was a lot of weird stuff. And in this regard, there are a lot of great things.

One thing we are grateful for is you, dear readers. have a nice weekend. Get some rest, charge those batteries, and let’s get back to them next week. – Christine And the he came

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  • cut itBy pictures, we mean we don’t read this leaflet. We’ve enjoyed seeing how creative some iOS 16 users are in using the new remove background feature for photos. Evan He has more and even created his own shortcut.
  • Uber eats? Like Uber defeats: This notice I asked you to open your Uber account was actually a cause for concern. The online transport services giant is investigating cyber security operations after a hacker entered, Carly reports.
  • Don’t be afraid of the hyphen: Polywork has raised $28 million to help you embrace all of your job title hyphens. Natasha m She even tried it out for herself.

Startups and VC

Shervin Beshevar, the investor who left Silicon Valley for Miami after being accused of sexual misconduct by several women in 2017, She reappeared as ‘Vice President’ Yeezythe consumer brand that Kanye West controls, cosmic reports.

In the land of the gig economy, things are about to get interesting. The The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) looks at the complex and unfair economics and policies of the temporary job economy for “Deceptive, Unfair and Unlawful Acts and Practices.” Whether it’s forced arbitration, labor misclassification, or algorithm pay and job distribution, the agency says it will pursue any dubious tactics that hurt workers, Devine reports.

And for the final part of today’s startup drama, Natasha m And the Pica Report The Launch House community reacts to media reports of alleged misconduct and harassment.

Well, well, a little more than that:

3 Investors Explain Why Startups With Access To Earned Wages Set To Cash More Checks

Image credits: Leah Galimezianova (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Workers who work in low-paying jobs often have cash flow problems.

With many without access to credit or savings, a growing number that once relied on predatory lenders can now cash in on their payday wages via Earned Wage Access (EWA).

“The potential for this model is huge, but the industry is still largely in its infancy,” says Karan Bassin, who interviewed three active investors at EWA to find out more about the direction the industry is heading.

Jennifer Ho, Partner at Integra Partners

Aris Xenofontos, Partner at Seaya Ventures

Aditi Maliwal, Partner at Upfront Ventures

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Big Tech Inc.

For Apple Watch lovers, Brian Bundles in puns and postulates about Series 8 (“New features are not flashy, but some may save your life”) and SE (“SE is the Apple Watch for people on a fairly tight budget, who realize they never need every yearly addition to the device”). He talks a lot about choice – which would you choose?