All winners of the 2022 Irish Podcast Awards

The inaugural Irish Podcast Awards, hosted by Susan Keane, took place at Dublin’s Liberty Theater on Friday 16th September, awarding Irish vocal designs across 27 categories.

Headed by Angela Scanlon A IPA judges host From across the Irish audio and media sector, podcasters from around the world chose a Bronze, Silver and Gold winner in each category.

In addition, the awards included a listener’s choice category that attracted more than 40,000 audience votes.

Check out the full list of winners below:

Rising Star Award powered by Acast
He went
: Mark Walsh
silver: Andrew J. McGovern
Bronze: Aidan Finnegan

moment of the year
He went
: witness
silver: Talking Pollux
Bronze: good glow

Best podcast for arts and culture
He went
: Modern Dairy Girls
silver: The Blindboy Podcast
Bronze: words with this meaning

Best Branded Content Podcast
He went
: Under construction with Chadwicks
silver: The story of Irish whiskey – the perfect blend
Bronze: mamia and me

Best Business Podcast powered by Subly
He went
: The Big Tech Show
silverHow do you play the pivotal role?
BronzeEntrepreneurship experience

Best comedy podcast
He went
Podcast by Mario Rosenstock
silver: The 2 Johnnies Podcast
Bronze: Talking Pollux

Best current affairs podcast
He went
: Opinions matter
silverIrish passport:
BronzePodcast: David McWilliams

Best daily podcast
He went: Wake up in standby mode
silver: The Endo Daily
Bronze: Opinions matter

Best Documentary Podcast
He went
Witness: In his own words
silver: GunPlot
BronzeContaminated Gold: The Michelle Smith Story

Best entertainment podcast
He wentPodcast: Tommy, Hector, and Loretta
silver: Blindboy . podcast
Bronze: this super life

Best family podcast
He went
: someone like me
silver: Maddie + Triggs
Bronze: nervous FM

Best fantasy podcast
He went: Blackbeard Pootsie Boys
silver: petrified
Bronze: Romancing the Dungeon

Best podcast in the Irish language
He went
: live by force
silver: Messages
Bronze: black spot

best interview
He went
: conversations on the margins
silver: it becomes death
Bronze: good glow

The best new podcast powered by Podfollow
He went
: Tess yourself
silver: promenade walk
Bronze: Well, a pet?

Best Radio Podcast powered by RadioCentre Ireland
He went
: Radio RTÉ 1 Documentary on One
silver: Ireland calendar
BronzeHighlights of the Pat Kenny Show

Best Sex and Relationships Podcast
He went
: Assume nothing: Rape Trial
silver: Dating Games – Modern Relationships podcast
Bronze: I would like to meet

Best reality podcast
He went
: yarn
silver: TheCase.Report
Bronze: creature shed

Best sports podcast
He went
: GAA Social Program
silver: The Three Other Amigos Podcasts
Bronze: Al Foran Goalmouth

Best true crime podcast
He went: North Bank job
silverHe killed most of the Irish
BronzeWitness: In his own words

Climate Prize
He went
: book of papers
silver: Chaos
Bronze: Ecolution

Best podcast for health or wellness
He went
: good glow
silver: Real Health with Carl Henry
Bronze: The Blindboy Podcast

Best Network or Publisher
He went
: go out loud
silverHeadStuff . Podcast Network
Bronze: Warren

Spotlight Award
He went
Podcast: Tommy, Hector, and Loretta
silver: one documentary
BronzePodcast: David McWilliams

Bullseye Award
He went
Podcast: The NeighborFood
silverAmbition Incubator Podcast
BronzeLiving with multiple myeloma

Creativity Award
He went
: Maddie + Triggs
silver: North Bank job
Bronze: conversations on the margins

Best Marketing
He went
: red podcast room
silver: local podcast game
BronzePublic Sector Marketing Exhibition