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Among all the products that Google announced at its 2022 I/O conference, including Google Pixel 7And the long-awaited Pixel 7 Pro google pixel watchOne of them was a little weird: a new Pixel-branded tablet. While it will be the next Pixel 7 lineup and the first smartwatch from Google They will debut at the Made by Google event On October 6, we don’t expect to see an iPad competitor until 2023.


This is not the first tablet from Google: this honor belongs to The ill-fated Google Pixel Slatewhich was released in 2018. And while the details on the Google Pixel Tablet are scarce so far, there are still plenty of details to whet your appetite.

Google Pixel Tablet: Hardware and Specifications

So far, Google has provided little information about the Pixel tablet. Officially, all we know for sure is that the tablet will run on a Tensor CPU and that the bezels around the screen will be white, or at least the gray that Google specified at I/O 2022.

Google’s first tablet, the Pixel Slate, showed a lot of hope, but it was a disaster when we reviewed it in 2018.

However, we can conclude more. Google said the tablet “connects your life on the go with your life at home,” in what appears to be a veiled reference to the tablet’s supposed status. The Google hybrid tablet/smart home device we’ve been hearing about since March. We also got a quick look at the back of the device during I/O, showing what look like magnetic connectors that can be used to connect the tablet to a speaker-equipped base.

Magnetic connectors on the back of the upcoming Pixel tablet. picture:
The Google

The tablet may also contain a powered stylus accessory, either included or available as a separate purchase. In May, the NuGiz blog found out about it A tablet codenamed Tangor, which is manufactured by Google, is listed as certified by Global Pen Initiativean organization that “sets industry-wide standards for interoperable communication between the active pen and touch devices.”

In September, developer Kuba Wojciechowski found evidence in AOSP code that the Pixel tablet — again referred to as Tangor — will Runs on first generation Tensor CPU Nor will it have a GPS or cellular modem, which may limit its usefulness for “life on the go.”

Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 was too Turns out it contained an animation depicting docking and undocking a tablet With hardware similar to what we saw at Google I/O, which was once again named Tangor.

There is, too The flags in Android 13 QPR1 Beta 1 refer to devices with the codename TangorbroAnd the Which, given we’re all pretty sure Tangor is a Pixel tablet, seems to suggest that there might also be a Pro version in the works. It’s unclear what would distinguish the hardware, but the higher version could theoretically have GPS and LTE hardware that the base model obviously lacks. However, we have not seen evidence of this.

Google Pixel Tablet: Software

Aside from the fact that the Pixel tablet will run Android, we know very little about its software. Google showed the device with a familiar Android tablet interface as well as that of Google TV. In this view, shown at the top of this post, Google TV appears in a tab titled for you, With other tabs called highlights, shopping, And the your stuff Also visible in a menu on the left side of the screen.

In August, industry expert Mishaal Rahman discovered that Google’s development resources contain evidence that the Pixel tablet (under the codename Tangor) It may only run 64-bit applicationswhich could mean improved memory performance at the expense of compatibility with 32-bit applications.

Google Pixel Tablet: Price and Availability

The Google Pixel tablet won’t be available until 2023 at the earliest, and as of now, we have no idea how much the device will cost. If it’s true that the tablet will run on a first-generation Tensor chipset and lose some mobile-focused components like GPS devices, it may be a relatively budget-friendly offering, but it’s too early to tell.

We also don’t know if the tablet will be available on its own or just with a charging dock, or how high the value of the rumored Pro version will be. While we don’t expect to hear much about the tablet until 2023, we’ll update our coverage as we learn more about the tablet.

Can’t wait until 2023 for a new tablet?

We probably won’t hear anything official about the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet until closer to its mysterious 2023 release window. Right now, there are a lot of files out there. Cool Android Tablets And the Google Assistant Smart Screens to choose from. However, none of our top picks pull double-tasks alike.