Attackers out on bail as backline troubles almost led to Zebri’s win – The Irish Times

Zepre 29 Leinster 33

Leinster were fortunate to leave Parma with the win, grateful to their first-half hosts for the indiscipline that gave them a platform they were able to cling to against a spirited Zepre side that played more fluent rugby in attack. The Italians will feel it was a missed opportunity, and it will be hard to disagree based on the 80 minutes.

Five attempts indicate a certain fluency, but Leinster was not out of range, scrum was dominant and a broken streak served as a conduit for most of their attempts. On the other hand, Leinster’s defense in midfield and three at the back were alarmingly blocked, players guilty of watching the ball and poor tackle technique.

There is a break that comes with playing in the first game of the season, but Leo Colin and his coaches should be concerned with many aspects of the performance. Jason Jenkins enjoyed his debut attempt to score goals, and Charlie Ngatay was no less, although he was not helped by the uncertainty in and out of him.

Leinster’s management of the game has been poor for long periods of time. It would have been better for them to simplify the game plan to be more precise in their patterns. Max Deegan and Ruddock worked hard, as did Ronan Kelleher while Jenkins was his team’s best striker. None of the Leinster wallpaper font will enjoy a video review.

Leinster crossed Zepre’s streak for the first three minutes, after a line kick but whore Keeler turned on his back, and lifted the ball. The respite for the domestic side did not last long.

Charlie Ngatay on his debut made his first final streak break, and while he wasn’t unloaded on hand, Leinster got a shout-out inside the home team of 22 after a knockout. Max Deegan turned the base off and a handful of stages later, Luke McGrath etched his 47th attempt in Leinster colors.

Ross Byrne added the diversion and after he started firmly, Leinster seemed insulated to enforce his patterns. However, despite speed and width on the ball, basic fouls, a pass without the defenders committing, and a decision error or two meant Zebri survived the first quarter of the match with minimal fuss.

The only downside to the home team was the number of penalties conceded, which eventually drew a warning from referee Ben Blaine. Leinster, having caught on and led a number of lines inside the Zebre 22, chose to change focus, Jason Jenkins’ smooth pass to Rhys Ruddock on the peel allowing the visiting captain to dash through a shaky and ineffective tackle.

Zebar lost team captain David El-Sisi with a yellow card due to the team’s accumulated transgressions, and it was an offside on his line. Leinster took the penalty kick into the corner and Ruddock shot over the line with little help from Degan and Ed Byrne.

Byrne added his third turn, but if Leinster were to have it all their way, the hosts responded with two superb attempts at the back line, first scoring full-back Richard Creel after they slashed Leinster’s midfield wide and then when Pierre. Bruno finished cleverly from a cross pass and chip.

Those two attempts came as Zepre was a man on the back and highlighted a disconnect in Leinster’s defense, midfield and beyond. Unfortunately for Zipper, poor discipline allowed visitors to have a stationary platform five meters from the line; The result was Jenkins’ attempt at his debut. Byrne got the diversion as Leinster headed to the locker room 28-10 up front, and the bonus point was locked.

Zebre dominated the first half 10 minutes into the first half and was rewarded with a third attempt, again from some great play and finished off acrobatic by Simone Gesi. From Leinster’s perspective, the defense was again very weak in the wide channels.

Leinster called up the benches in the form of Michael Milne, Brian Deeney, Will Connors and Kieran Frawley, but it was the hosts who struck again, winger MJ Pilser rebounding Osborne in a direct tackle, after the young quarterback got his head on the wrong side to try to make a tackle. .

Tiff Eden turned around and Zepre was back with a six-point lead, but that lack of discipline reappeared, giving Leinster a field position and for the first time in the afternoon they were able to work over a wide area as Kearney secured a run. Byrne missed his first shift in the afternoon.

Zepre ignored the setback and responded with a fifth attempt, this time from Franco Smith Jr., facilitated again by some Leinster’s defenders. From 33 to 29, visitors clung to their precious lives. If Zebre had had a modicum of composure in that end game, he might have snatched a victory based on the offensive project in backplay, but a pass or two forced passes and handling fouls allowed Leinster to escape with victory.

Escape from being the right word.

Scoring sequence

5 minutes: McGrath tried, turn R Byrne, 0-7; 20: Ruddock, R. Byrne turn, tried 0-14; 25: Ruddock attempted, converting Bayern, 0-21; 28: attempt Kriel, 5-21; 32: Bruno Tried, 10-21; 37: Jenkins tried, Bayern turn, 10-28. Half time: 10-28. 49: Jesse bid, 15-28; Fur Attempt, Transformation of Eden, 22-28; 60: Kearney bid, 22-33; 69: Smith Jr. Tried, Transforming Eden, 29-33.

Zebri Parma: R. Creel, P, Bruno, E, Cronjé, E, Lucchin, S Gesi; T. Eden, C. Cook; P Buonfiglio, J, Du Toit, M Nocera; David Cisse (Captain), L. Andriani, M. J. Belser, T. Fox, Matamoa.

Alternatives: M talking about Nocera (46 min); L Big for Toit (53 min); J Pitinari for Buonfiglio (53 min); F Smith Jr for Cronje (62 min); fusco for cooking (62 minutes); J Furno for Krumov (64 min); G Volpi by Andreani (64 min); J. Trulla for Jesse (66 minutes).

Leinster: M O’Reilly, R Russell, J Osborne, C Ngatai, D Kearney; R. Byrne, L. McGrath; E Byrne, R Kelleher, M Ala’alatoa; R Moloney, J. Jenkins; Ruddock (capt), S Penny, M Deegan.

Alternatives: M Milne for E Byrne (53 min); B Denny for Jenkins (53 min); W. Connors for Benny (53 min); C. Frawley for O’Reilly (53 min); .J McKee for Kelleher (64 min); McCarthy on McGrath (64 min); J Abdul Ladzi for Al’alatoa (68 min); Soroka to Ruddock (75 minutes).

yellow card: Dr. Sisi (zebra) 25 minutes

Rule: Blaine (Scotland)