Brendan Rodgers: Managerial experience key to changing Leicester’s fortunes | football news

If he’s feeling pressure, Brendan Rodgers is sure not letting him show up.

The Foxes are last in the Premier League with just one point to appear in their first six games, after which Tottenham are far away, live. Sky Sports.

Having managed two of the world’s most famous clubs at Liverpool and Celtic, Rodgers lived and breathed these big risks moments before, but after the start of the season describing him as “disappointing”, and a summer describing it as “messy”, he admits this is the most challenging period of his management career. .

“In terms of results, it will definitely be. It was a bad start and that’s the reality, we should have more than the point we got,” he said exclusively Sky Sports.

But Rodgers also insists he has what is needed to block out the noise and adjust Leicester’s shape and has “the experience to deal with it”.

He may have to search those reserves over the next few weeks. We are talking about the last defeat against Brighton 5-2 after Leicester took the lead in the first minute. You were expecting a pessimistic post-match interview, but I told him this was the coolest interview I could remember.

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He admitted “Most likely, yes, I was frustrated with the performance and the result.” In the past he may have focused on the situation for a long time, but he gives himself 24 hours.

“Experience allows me to beat it faster because in football you know that a good day can be around the corner. It’s a perspective when you’re just starting out and it’s new, you don’t think there are good days. It’s a corner.

“I do analysis, but my job is to pick up the players and get that spirit and quality back and in training and that’s what we saw in training, it was excellent, and we want to bring that into our next game.”

Rodgers’ dismissal at Reading, his time at Swansea and of course life and football experiences in Liverpool and Glasgow mean he sees his current situation differently.

“I’m going to do my best, I’ve got another contract here for this year and two more years and I want to see that through and for that I know we need to fight, we have to be our best,” he added. “This is all that can be done.

“Experience allows you to see things differently and that means your responses are calmer.”

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Last week and the Queen’s death also provided Rodgers with additional perspective.

“When the news came, we were here on the training ground and it was especially sad. I think everyone recognized what the Queen had done for the country, and I think people saw her as a grandmother. I think she was very cool. Fit in honors across the country.”

Leicester’s match against Aston Villa was postponed as the Premier League paid tribute. “It was one of those tough decisions, should the matches have been off or not?” Rodgers continued.

“It was never right or wrong, it was just a feeling and feeling that we weren’t playing football and paying our respects. With our game over, we had a practice match on Saturday morning and then the players took a few days off to spend some time with them. It was important to refocus our attention. priorities.

“We are suffering but not in the real sense, we want to win matches for the fans, to feel good. But I have been around enough people who have suffered right. Now we move on to the next match and we are just looking to focus and look to give our best and get the performance.”

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Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers has called on his players to be brave as they try to move away from the bottom of the Premier League table.

Rodgers called on his team to be brave as the club looks to find this performance. What the Leicester manager knows all too well from over a decade in management is that it requires trust, something he admits is in short supply.

“I think finding confidence even when you win is hard, when you lose a little, it’s even more difficult. We looked a few times like we were going to cross the line, and then we didn’t, and it spirals. You have to break this cycle and that is very important but to do that We have to use our strength.

“Since I’ve been here, we’ve been playing well consistently, our game has been about denying spaces, pressing teams and creating chances and looking after the ball to create chances, so if that’s the best version of who we want to be, that’s where we need to get to.

“Of course, when you win matches it is easier but when you are not, you have to push yourself. It is this hard work and aggressiveness that will restore confidence and [gives us a] Better chance of success.

This summer, Rodgers hopes to “refresh” the team. What he actually got was described as a “messy” few months amid one of their co-stars, Wesley Fofana, walking out the window late. The Leicester boss has not backed down on his frustration with the club’s owners, saying “we needed help” and the club “was not what it used to be.”

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Rodgers was not shy about speaking his mind. Back in February after a heavy loss to Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup, some players were accused of lacking “hunger” and that some “may have done all they could”. The same players who are still at Leicester.

If you were a club player this summer, you asked, and heard the manager was looking to change the squad, how would that make you feel? Could it also affect confidence knowing that you might not have been the first choice?

Rodgers replied: “The players will tell you they need that freshness. I remember talking to Sir Alex [Ferguson] About it and do it with a winning team. Several times he won three titles in a row and couldn’t do the fourth and then started revitalizing his team over the course of the year.

“If you need to do it on a winning team, you naturally look to do it with other teams. If you want to be a top player, you have to be competitive, so you need to compete, and that’s what most players respond to and that’s What he does best.”

Saturday 17th September 5:00 pm

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Under Rodgers, that group secured two fifth-place finishes in the Premier League and a historic FA Cup win in 2021. Rodgers and many fans were frustrated that the club was not able to move forward from there.

“I hope those times will come again – the club needs constant improvement.” “The immediate future is focused on getting players to win consistently. It’s been a huge challenge for Leicester to disrupt the top six and keep them going, it’s very difficult to build on success at a club that doesn’t have the resources.”

It’s a different picture now. I ask him: Is this what you subscribed to? “I came here to push the club forward for the challenge and I will always have the ambition to do that, we didn’t get the start we wanted, we know we need to develop and improve the team, and for that to happen, I need to improve what we have here and restore that confidence.”

He hopes to start that at Tottenham on Saturday night.