ByteDance’s Pico unveils its latest VR headset as it aims to compete with the Meta Quest 2

Beko subsidiary . Pico 4 will initially be available in Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and eight other European countries. Pico hasn’t revealed plans for a US release yet, but it aims to bring the device to Singapore and Malaysia by the end of the year, and China at a later date.

The headset, which has a Qualcomm XR2 processor, Adreno 650 GPU, and 8GB of RAM, can be used as a standalone device. Pico claims that the battery, located in the back strap to help keep things balanced, provides about three hours of use on a single charge, like Notes. The device weighs 295 grams without the bracelet and 586 grams when connected.

You can also connect the Pico 4 to a gaming PC for advanced VR experiences. This may be necessary to take full advantage of the dual monitors, which provide higher than 4K resolutions at 4320 x 2160 per eye. The screens have a 90Hz refresh rate and a 105-degree field of view, according to

Pico 4 uses inside-out tracking without the need for external signals. It comes with Pico 4 motion controllers (which have vibration properties) and there are four external cameras, such as pointing to. according to pico sitethe device will offer full color transit – something Meta working on For Project Cambria headphones.


Given that ByteDance also owns It should come as no surprise that there is a way to watch videos from this app. You will be able to share VR experiences with TikTok as well. There will be hundreds of other things to watch in VR and 360 formats. Pico is bringing live sports and “avatar-based concerts” to the platform as well.

As for the games, there are 165 of them in the Pico Store and more are being added every week. The headset will support the likes of Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, Demeo, All-in-One Summer Sports VR And the Just Dance VR (which will arrive in 2023 as an exclusive to Pico). There will also be SteamVR support.

Meanwhile, there are plans to launch a metaverse-style experience called Pico Worlds next year. unlike dead it appears that Biko’s avatars have legs.

Looking at the price and specifications, Pico is trying to compete with the Meta Quest 2 (Meta recently of this product). It remains to be seen if the brand can suspend it with Meta in the content interface. It is unlikely that users will be able to play Saber won, for example. Pico also revealed its latest hardware just a few weeks before the Meta showcases at least one VR headset, likely the high-end Project Cambria model, .

The Pico 4 with 128GB of storage costs 429 euros (about $422). A model with double the storage capacity will cost you €499 (about $491). Pre-orders open next month and the headset will ship on October 18th. pico too To release some accessories next year. A more accurate fitness tracker, wireless dongle for PC connection and carrying case will cost €50 (or about $49).

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