Castlehaven set up a St Finbarr rematch after pressing Mallow

Castlehaven 2-14 Malloch 0-13
CASTLEHAVEN worked its way into its last four games at Bon Secours PSFC, as Mallo showed the door to the exit at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Saturday night, thanks in large part to goals from Robbie Minihan and Michael Hurley.

Led by Cork star Brian Hurley, West Cork settled into the game slowly but attacked with group kicks and quickly, Mallo had no answer in the final 10 minutes of the first half.

Cathal Maguire, Michael Hurley, Jack Kahalani and Minihani also played their part with Mark Collins and Conor Kahalan in third.

Robbie Minihan, Castlehaven, is about to score against Mallu. Photo: Larry Cummins

For Mallu and Cork star Mattie Taylor, Ryan Harkin and Pa Herlihy all impressed Darg Moynihan and Ewen Stanton for third.

Malu goalkeeper Kevin Doyle was also in the hot seat at times, and despite seeing him twice, number one also made a serious save when the match was in the balance.

The first five minutes of this game saw Castlehaven controlling the ball with Mallo returning to their own half – but despite their dominance, all West Cork could muster were duos of failed efforts from Brian Hurley and a point eight minutes later from Andrew Welton. .

Mallo responded with a clinched point from captain Harkin a minute later, but four poor wide-openers on the trot left that game flat in the 13th minute.

Brilliant skill from McDonnell put Harkin for second at 13 but a fine point of play followed by a freestyle from Brian Hurley got the boys in blue and white above the quarter-hour mark.

Mallo wasted no time to settle the match for a third time – Harkin once again on goal before Kieran O’Sullivan took his tally with a close effort – this match looked as if it came alive.

Sanctuary wasn’t about to let Avondo’s men steal a crawl on them, and Minihani’s superb goal had them back in front with 10 to go in the half. That lead has been extended to three thanks to a great point from Cathal Maguire.

Jack Cahalan nearly scored in the next attack as Mallo continued to struggle in front of the crossbars, seven times in the first 26 minutes.

Michael Hurley added to Malo’s pain with his second goal in the match in 28 minutes, quickly followed by Wilton’s second point, and Malo was behind by eight points in the second half, 2-7 for 0-5.

The parties exchanged points on appeal before Mallo reached six points from Harkin. Things went from bad to worse for Haven with Damian Kahalani being sacked for an off-ball incident with Sean Hayes as Mallo began to falter.

Thanks to the men of Blackwater Valley, they threw everything they had on their opponents, but on this day there was no return for the fairy tale as Castlehaven meticulously sponsored the game on their terms.

Four points in the final 10 minutes from Brian Hurley plus a score from Conor Cahalan was enough to match the points from John Brown, McDonnell, Hurley and Harkin as Castlehaven passes and Mallo withdraws.

Castlehaven scorers: B Hurley 0-7 (0-4 females, 0-1 45); M Hurley 1-1; R Minihani 1-0; R Whelton, C Maguire 0-2 each; J Kahalani, Kahalani 0-1 each.

Mallow: R Harkin 0-6 (0-4 P); S Hayes 0-2 (mark 0-1), S Merritt, P Herlihy, K O’Sullivan, S McDonnell (f), S Hayes 0-1 each.

Castlehaven: Seymour. J O’Regan, R Maguire, R Walsh; Nolan, Damian; Kahalani, T. O’Mahony; M Collins, C. Cahalan; R Minihani, B; Hurley, Wilton; J. Cahalan, M. Hurley, C. Maguire.

Subs: C O’Driscoll for J Cahalane (ht), Darragh Cahalane for M Collins (BS, 33, rev 40), R Whelton for T O’Mahony (47), S Walsh for R Walsh (50), K O’Donovan for M Hurley (63).

carrot: K Doyle B. Lyons, S. O’Callaghan, B. Myers; S Copps, S Merritt, M ​​Taylor; Moynihan, E. Stanton; K O’Sullivan, J. Dillon, B. Herlihy; Hayes, R. Harkin, S. McDonnell.

Subs: J Loughrey for J Dillon and E Barry for S O’Callaghan (both ht), J Browne for K O’Sullivan (41), K Sheehan for P Herlihy (57), P Hennessey for B Myres (59).

Rule: James Reagan (Love Rovers)