Chelsea can’t enforce his legacy and Graham Potter needs to take care of the top spot

Todd Bohley & Company. We want Graham Potter to be a long-term appointment, but legacy depends on success and success at Chelsea means trophies.

Graham Potter Perhaps the most exciting managerial appointment for Chelsea this century. Every permanent coach signed under Roman Abramovich, other than club legends Frank Lampard and Roberto Di Matteo, won the league title before arriving at Stamford Bridge; Most of them have won much more than that.

Potter’s only engraved success is the Sweden Cup with Ostersunds, an achievement – in terms of prestige – that dwarfed those of his predecessors at Chelsea.

In this sense, the Potter is a gamble. And as with any manager who makes the leap as Brighton to Chelsea, his ability to handle greater ego and better players is another cause of great intrigue and anxiety.

But Chelsea’s move to Potter came as no surprise either. Football agree: He is a very good manager. And it’s nice to see Chelsea – whose obsession with titles under Abramovich has made them too simplistic in picking managerial alternatives – think of the process as much as the end goal.

They don’t know if Potter can win major titles, but they know he can train the people and the team to make them a lot better and it would be great to see how great he is with the ceiling as high as possible. .

“He is a proven and innovative coach in the Premier League and fits with our vision for the club,” Todd Bohley said After Potter was announced as the new president, with a report claiming he and fellow owner Behdad Eghbali “are understood to view rookie mobile coach Potter as a venture capitalist, innovative and communication specialist, in the mold of a top-tier corporate president ‘executive'”.

The American owners are said to be confused by the Premier League’s managerial round of play – ironic given that they spared no time hoisting Thomas Tuchel on one of their horses – and are determined to break this cycle by pinning Potter to Stamford Bridge’s head. The long-term.

The problem is, guys, we don’t believe you, and we shouldn’t believe you either. Graham Potter.

Knee jerk, disrespectful and meaningless Although the dismissal of Tuchel was, this move alone does not indicate that the new owners will continue their salon door policy at Stamford Bridge.

Right or wrong, they thought the coach who was in charge when they bought the club wasn’t the right person to move forward.

It wasn’t their decision to appoint him, so their hands only got a little blood on their hands.

However, while their desire for administrative longevity is commendable, you can’t appoint an old chief – it just doesn’t work that way.

Every club, even Chelsea, hires a coach in the hope that this person will lead them to glory for many years to come. And while some clubs are more exciting than others, clubs that retain managers for extended periods do so for one of two reasons: either they cannot afford to be fired or they succeed according to the metrics decided by the club.

The former will never be a problem for Chelsea, which means that Potter’s ability to keep his job will depend solely on success, which at Chelsea will always mean titles.

Fans won’t put up with anything less, and if Boehly doesn’t know it already, he’ll quickly do if the results aren’t quite right.

Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have been at their clubs for six and seven years respectively, not because their owners have become more impatient or willing to buy into the legacy, but because they have consistently won and challenged for major titles with them. .

If they join Chelsea instead of Manchester City or Liverpool, it is likely that Guardiola or Klopp would enjoy similar long-term success at Stamford Bridge.

Although it is impossible to assign a legacy, Potter has as good a chance as anyone else to build something significant at Chelsea. Bohley & Company. signed right Good heart from a person. He’s nice, a good manager by all accounts, and – in a sense – a corporate guy, just as likely to go to the bar with his lieutenants as sipping champagne in a rooftop bar with Clearlake Capital investors.

But Potter should make no mistake that Chelsea owners’ desire for a legacy is one promise.

His top priority, even in the short term when he should be given a timeout, is to win matches. Because even though Boehly is talking about the change, the club and fan base won’t allow it not to reap the regular rewards.

This club wins trophies no matter who is in charge.