Everything you need to know before traveling down the path of solitude in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Most Pokemon Journeys are all about building a balanced team that can handle any threat that might come its way. This is not the case in Pokemon Legends: Arceus When you choose to travel the path of solitude. Instead, you will face one Pokémon against another Pokémon that has a clear advantage.

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While there are some specific requests associated with this, it is possible to take on this challenge with every Pokémon in Hisui. It will require a lot of training and strategy, especially if you want to get this mark on every Pokedex entry. If you do, here are some tips that you can follow down the path to the “path of solitude”.

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10 Do your research

Every match on Path of Solitude is unique. Your Pokemon will be against an opponent or a team that has an advantage against it. In order to achieve victory, you will need to know exactly where you are heading. So, you have to do your research.

This can be done in two ways. The easiest way is to go online and search for an opponent’s Pokémon and its combination of moves. Nothing wrong with that! But if you want to keep everything pure and in the game, the other option is to repeat the battle until you learn almost everything about your opponent. You will fail a lot, but failure is just a step on the road to success.

9 Train your Pokemon

This may seem too obvious. If you want to win any pokemon game, you will be better if your team is at a higher level. However, Path of Solitude training goes a bit beyond that. Yes, you will have to level up your Pokémon, but you will have to level up their effort as well.

Next to all of your Pokemon’s stats, you’ll see a number ranging from zero to ten with a circle forming around it. This is their effort level, which works the same way as the effort values ​​in regular Pokemon games. To increase it, you need to give this pokemon Dust of gravel, pebbles and rocks Max at ten. Note that you don’t have to do this with every stat, just the ones that count for each battle.

8 Learn and master highly effective moves from Zisu

All of your opponents will have some kind of leg up against you, usually with one or more type advantages. How do you fight Onix when you’re using Scyther? Well, the best way to do that is Learn some super effective moves on your own!

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In the same area where you challenge Path of Solitude, Zisu can teach Pokémon a variety of moves that they wouldn’t normally learn. For example, Scyther can be taught closely, which makes Onix not a problem at all. Furthermore, you can use a Master Seed so that your Pokemon can use Agile or Strong Style versions of the moves they learn. All this is necessary to stand on top ingo.

7 Use your mind and calm

A great way to get rid of your opponent faster is to boost your moves. Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a lot of options for that, like Double Hit, Swords Dance, and Nasty Plot. However, there are two moves that are much better than the rest, and they are moves that most Pokémon can learn: Bulk Up and Calm Mind.

Unlike the main Pokemon games, boosting moves in Arceus increases overall offensive and defensive stats by only one stage, and cannot be stacked. For example, Iron Defense increases both Defense and Special Defense by one, instead of Defense by two. This means that Bulk Up and Calm Mind together will increase four different stats. This is great not only for increasing the strength of your Pokemon, but for longevity as well.

6 Healing moves are your friend

Another wrinkle of Path of Solitude is that you cannot use any type of item during battle. So, if you’re boosting your stats and finding yourself low in HP, it might seem like your chance to win this battle is gone. Fortunately, most Pokémon can learn moves that will heal themselves.

While some Pokémon may learn moves like Recover and Soft-Boiled by leveling up, the majority of Pokémon can also learn Rest from Zisu. This may make your Pokémon sleepy, but it will also restore more than half of its health. It’s a great option, and it can give you an edge in any battle.

5 Know when to use strong style moves

Pokemon Legends: Arceus offers agile style and powerful style moves, which change the way regular moves work. Agile Style gives you a chance for more turns at the cost of some power, while Strong Style increases power and accuracy at the expense of speed. This risk-reward technique is interesting, but its use becomes necessary with the isolation path.

Your opponents will have a huge advantage over you, so the best answer to them is to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Knowing when to use a strong stylistic movement is essential in this situation. Think of it like professional wrestling – it’s supposed to be the last step that decides the fight. If you use it too soon, your opponent will have a huge advantage, and possibly win.

4 Take advantage of priority and agile style moves

Early in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, there was a bug that made it so that a quick Pokemon with a priority move could use the Agile Style to create an infinite loop of attacks. This way, your opponents will have no role in acting before they are defeated. While this was eventually fixed, it’s still a great tactic to do a lot of damage.

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This strategy works perfectly with Pokemon like Sneasel or Zoroark, but any Pokemon that learns a priority move can use it to deal as much damage as possible in return. Using priority followed by Agile style priority, and finishing with a powerful attack, can make any battle a breeze.

3 Use alternate forms

There are a large number of Pokémon in the Hisui region that have different shapes. While they may be recognized for a particular appearance, they may have an advantage with the path of isolation.

For example, Rotom has to fight Garchomp. While this is intimidating, since the Rotom is an electric variant without the ability to fly, a better option is the Frost Rotom form. You will learn Blizzard, which will likely defeat Garchomp in one fell swoop. Keep this in mind for Pokemon like Wormadam, Sneasel, and Arceus itself.

2 Consider unusual strategies

In some rare scenarios, specifically with orders associated with Path of Solitude, simply taking an all-out attack approach won’t work. To get past these, your strategy has to become very unique.

The best example of this is the lesson. His opponent is Mr. Mime, and the only move he will use is Mimic. To defeat Mime, you will have to use Teleport for Mime to copy the move. After that, the whole battle is sailing smoothly! Other Pokemon that use unusual strategies are Magikarp, Bastiodon and Blissey.

1 be patient

See, this isn’t going to be easy. You probably won’t overcome most of these challenges on your first try. All Challenges 242 It’s supposed to be tough, As such it requires a lot of prep. It may not seem worth it, because you will not get anything except more experience. Candy and tag in your Pokedex.

However, if you are fuller, it is totally worth it. Figuring out each battle is a mystery in itself, and it feels incredibly satisfying when you finally succeed. Just remember that even though it’s called Path of Solitude, you’re not alone – you still have Pokemon by your side, and that’s what playing Pokemon games is all about.

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