Google Meet adds account switching to easily separate your work and personal life

What you need to know

  • Google Meet is rolling out an update to switch between work and personal accounts.
  • Users will find an account toggle that displays their Google One status with the ability to also swipe your icon to switch accounts or tap for a menu.
  • The update also includes a new navigation drawer located in the top left of the app.

Google has started rolling out an update to Meet along with a change to the menu inside the search bar. In another effort to include more ways to separate our private and personal lives, the latest Google Meet update will allow users to switch between business and casual accounts.

according to 9to5Google, users can click their account icon to bring up a list listing available accounts to switch to or add. This shortlist will also display your Google One status if you’re a subscriber. In addition, this update will allow users to pass their profile code for easy switching between different accounts.