‘GTA6’ leak leads developers to share early screenshots of ‘Control’ and ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’

during the Weekend, Grand Theft Auto 6 leaked All over the Internet. You’ve heard about it.

Dozens of videos have appeared on Twitter, YouTube, and various online forums as a leaker (also allegedly behind Uber’s latest hack) claimed to have the source code for the game. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something surprising about the footage in question: The game didn’t look finished. The character models and environments often lacked detail and some shots fell into blank gray test levels. Some people online have even pointed out that it looks like a game from the PlayStation 2 era.

It’s almost like GTA 6 years away from debuting or something.

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Anyway, in response to one particularly clueless tweet, I wouldn’t put it here (It was observed in the gaming forum Resetera), a lot of game developers are starting to share early test screenshots of popular games to prove that most games actually look exactly the same. GTA 6 When they are at an early stage of development.

For example, here’s what the fearsome robotic dinosaur Thunderjaw is Horizon: Zero Dawn It was before the match ended.

Yes, what eventually became an intricately detailed dino mecha with dozens of moving parts started out as a full-blown mess.

And to get the point even further home, here’s what controlThe coolest game of 2019, seemed to be in its infancy.

The main character looks completely different, the enemies lack fine detail and the sterile office environments that shaped the setting of this game have no real texture to them. Everything looks like a placeholder because may have been. Make sure the game works first, and make sure it looks good later.

Meanwhile, the latest version has been released in Pregnancy worship I got the same treatment. It’s a fun little game like if animal crossing It was about alternative religion. The developers have done our work hard and put together a video along with an older version on the left and a much nicer final version on the right.

Even games that aren’t released yet get the same treatment on Twitter. Crack of Necrodancer, an upcoming rhythm game based on a mini game, that has a yoga sequence in it. The developers were kind enough to share the hilarious initial version of it, with cut photos of real men and voice acting.

Last but not least, another upcoming game showed us what it looked like before tightening everything up and making it so beautiful. A Plague’s Tale: RequiemSet to release in October, it is a stealth game set in the south of France during the spread of the Black Plague. It’s a grim premise, but this side-by-side comparison between its prototype and its semi-finished version shows just how drastically games can change over the course of development.

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The lesson here is that you really, truly No video game should be judged based on footage that appears years before its release. GTA6 She will likely look stunning whenever she appears, just like all her ancestors in their era. Graphics, in fact, is not the first thing that is done in game development.