Hands-on art of the new Indonesian rally stage

With the release of the Indonesian Player Update for PC on Thursday (September 22, 2022), I think we can finally say the Art of the Gathering is back. It’s been over a year since Funselektor’s last major update in the form of Kenya updateAnd I must say I’m excited to be back.

The new Indonesian update of the top-down rally racing title includes six new stages – Mount Kawi, Simanga Bay, Satunda Island, Orange Valleyand Sangyang Island and the Calabakan Valley – plus a new Freeram area called Cabina Island. We’ll look at a selection of those stages that will take players through the various islands, forests, and beach fronts recreated in the new content.

This Indonesia Rally Art update and all stages are free to download. It’s available today (September 22, 2022) for PC players, and soon it will also be available for all console platforms.

While many would not associate Indonesia with the motorsports rally discipline, there are a couple of official Indonesian rounds for the 1996 and 1997 World Rally Championship season, both of which were won by Carlos Sainz. There was also that moment at the 1997 event where Colin McRae’s Subaru caught fire and there was pandemonium. Fun times.

I’ve gone ahead and hooked up a Colin McRae-like rally car to take a look at some of the new stages and what else the update includes. Off the bat, it’s clear how beautiful this update is visually. The changes in elevation are incredible and can upset you if you’re not careful. Each level you’ve tried is different, and each level has its own feel.

Art of Rally's Indonesia update arrives for PC in September

The Mount Kawi stage was more than just a traditional gushing marching platform. As for the other two in Semanga Bay and Oring Valley, they were a bit more technical, but they each had their differences in challenge and perceptions as well.

In addition, this view at the beginning of the Oreng Valley is absolutely perfect. You have to check it out.

What do you think of the new update of the art of rallying? Where do you think the next update will be based on the hint that it is in the Southern Hemisphere? Let us know in the comments below. As always, like and subscribe for more racing games content, and also keep it pinned!