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A desperate age for the destitute Worcester Everything was as certain as the results line would suggest. It’s tempting to say it’s going to be a long season for the crisis-hit club, but given the uncertainty about their future, they can’t even take that phrase with confidence.

How could they do with someone of the rare abilities of Henry Arundel, top scorer for two Irish London He tries from the seat here – everything he touches turns to gold. There was little effort, a quick and predictable start, but once the Irish weathered the early storm, they found holes in the defense very easy to exploit and helped themselves out in seven attempts.

Worcester can take heart that they didn’t give up late due to their lack of preparation: their only pre-season game has been called off. But here it was a reminder of the reality they face after four months of being settled Prime minister Rugby Cup on the same ground.

Their plight is underlined by the fact that they were forced to wear last season’s jerseys – leftovers from this season with suppliers – and needed a special exemption to play without numbers on the back of their jerseys so they could be reused more easily. They needed a club sponsor to provide the truck to move their gear – new investment couldn’t come soon enough.

Steve Diamond said the next few days could bring good news on that front, but he was wary of raising hopes at this point. “Someone said that in the next 72 hours there might be some news of a potential investor,” he said. “It’s a boost but we don’t want a false dawn.

I have to sound optimistic because if I don’t and [the players] They don’t get paid they give up and that’s what we don’t want them to do.

“It’s work in progress but it’s better than no work. We played our first game and getting them out today was the most important thing because if we didn’t succeed in our game today we were out.”

London Irish fans show their support and solidarity with Worcester as the future of the West Midlands club remains uncertain. Photo: Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Worcester, in their estimation, started off with a fierce intensity – all that tension washing down the players’ shoulders as soon as they crossed the bleachers. Ole Lawrence, who is fit again after a rough patch last season, was up front, breaking through the Irish streak, but despite their territory and possessions, they never threatened the trying streak.

Like an overly fit boxer, there was also a feeling that they beat themselves in the opening exchanges. Accordingly, the Irish proceeded to score three attempts in the first half. Ben Donnell took first after a side attack from excellent Hassel Collins wreaked havoc on the Worcester defence.

Ben White followed in similar circumstances on the right wing after Curtis put Rona Hassell Collins into space before entering the left wing himself. The Irish got their fourth after the break when Arundel met Hassel Collins’ chip in the half with his first touch, barely a minute after he came, clearly racing to rally and scatter.

Genge has happy return to Bristol

The England prop Ellis Genge marked his Bristol homecoming with two tries as the Bears began their Premiership campaign with a 31-29 victory over Bath at Ashton Gate. Bath had looked to be heading towards victory but a late try from Will Capon, converted by AJ MacGinty, proved to be the difference. 

The match had been rescheduled from Friday night and no television match official was available. The game was not without controversy, Bath’s unused replacement Niall Annett shown a red card by the referee, Matthew Carley, for joining a touchline mêlée.

Tabai Matson, the Harlequins director of rugby, praised his team’s resolve as they edged out Newcastle 40-31 at Kingston Park. In a game of 11 tries Quins emerged victorious thanks to two late scores from Alex Dombrandt and the replacement Joe Marchant. Matson said: “We were on the ropes at times but we created enough opportunities in the game.” tPA Media


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Happy Genji’s return to Bristol

Featured by England prop Ellis Genji Bristol Homecoming with two tries as the Bears began their Premier League campaign with a 31-29 . win bathroom At the Ashton Gate. Bath seemed to be headed for victory, but a late attempt from Will Capone, turned by AJ MacGinty, proved the difference.

The match was postponed from Friday night and there was no official responsible for the TV match. The match was not without controversy, as Bath’s unused substitute Nial Annette showed a red card from the referee, Matthew Carly, to join the seam team.

Tabai Matson Harlequins Rugby director, praised his team’s determination to come out Newcastle 40-31 in Kingston Park. In an 11-attempt match, Queens emerged victorious thanks to two late goals from Alex Dumbrandt and substitute Joe Marchant. “We were on the alert at times but we created enough chances in the game,” Matson said. Media PA

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Will Joseph added the fifth goal after he pounced on the loose ball before Curtis Langdon scored from close range to put the visitors on the board. Irish-London substitute Agustin Crevey set off an impressive cameo before Jimmy Chilcock ran into second for Worcester.

The final word has gone to Arundel, and he will likely have a lot more this season. “I would be inhuman if I didn’t [get excited by Arundell]Not Kiss, said the London Irish coach. “We saw this amazing situation in the Test match in Australia. It creates moments. He definitely has something about it, but there is real real humility to him as well.”