How Apple put its weight behind Siri Shortcuts in iOS 16

Apple released iOS 16 on Monday with its latest update Siri Shortcuts Feature, this time making App Shortcuts automatically available to users when they install supported apps. With App Shortcuts, users can speak trigger phrases for the now pre-created no-setting shortcuts found in the Shortcuts app, which act as pre-programmed Siri commands for whatever you might want to do in that app.

As I wrote at the beginning of summer, App Shortcuts are Apple’s big bet for Siriswitching from a top-down model to identify “intents” in specific categories that Apple needs to build in advance and chart a path for specific types of apps to work with siri. Now, App Intents running app shortcuts gives developers control, defines every way their app can be used with Siri and automatically creates each toggle for that action as individual shortcuts for the user.