How to destroy breakable walls

SteelRising He has quite a few secrets, and one of them is what lies behind breakable walls. This requires a specific tool, and while it can be done relatively early in the game, it will require some work from the player to make it happen. After acquiring the Alchemist in question, it is simply a matter of getting back into these walls and hacking them.

How can players access this powerful tool? They will first need to make their way to Luxembourg in their Steelrising play.

Steelrising breakable walls can be overcome with the Alchemist’s RAM

These walls can be destroyed, if the Aegis has the right tool for the job (Image via Spiders)

Like every tool in Steelrising, the Alchemist’s RAM is hidden behind a file Titan fight. Players will need to get to Luxembourg, which was opened fairly early on as a side zone. This will be the ultimate goal for players looking to tear down breakable walls.

In fact, it might be better for players to head to this area as soon as possible because it will become a major story area later in the game, which means that the difficulty will increase exponentially. To get this tool, players must head to the big arena where The Alchemist of Luxembourg Titan is waiting.

With superior agility, dangerous AOE zone attacks, and access to all three primary painThis is certainly not an easy enemy, which is to be expected since he is an alchemist. The boss battle consists of two phases and will use new attacks in the second phase. Here’s what players need to look out for.

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Phase 1 attacks

In stage 1, players must memorize and beware of some attacks. for him dash It puts him on the defensive, where he then charges on about half of the battlefield. Aegis can set back a reasonable distance, so players should pay attention to this movement. Players may also encounter Spin Attack At this stage. This action features a filter phase before the alchemist spins for 2 seconds to inflict damage.

strong hit It comes after the president raises his arms in the air. It will track your location before it backs out. Fortunately, this Steelrising boss gives players time to dodge behind him and strike. fireball It is an attack launched from its cannon that explodes at the end of its range. Since it’s such a large projectile, it would be wise to dodge a few times, just to be safe.

flask wall It is the last attack of the first stage. This attack is triggered by staying near the boss for a longer period of time. He will jump backwards and throw four elemental vials, which will explode to deal AOE damage. This can be evaded by dodging backwards. However, at half health, stage 2 begins.

Phase 2 attacks

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Steelrising players can tell when this stage has been triggered, as the boss is shooting from a chimney. The boss then fills the area with fog that causes frost damage, shrinking the battlefield even more. This particular stage is when the strongest chemical attacks begin.

fire field It is a close range attack. The chimney ignites more fire, and for five seconds, the boss surrounds a field of fire that does damage and creates a blaze.

electric field It is another close range attack to watch out for. The alchemist would approach Aegis and extend his arm. This attack will release an electric field in front of the boss, the trick is to quickly jump behind the alchemist and attack as hard and as fast as possible. Fortunately, the enemy will be trapped in this animation for six seconds.

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The strongest attack you should be aware of is ice drops field. In this attack, his pelvis falls and four drops of ice fall into it. A field of frost will set in, and if Aegis is caught, they immediately freeze. It also deals huge damage every half second.

As explained above, this is not an easy battle at any point in time, but defeating this boss gives a reward of 7,500 Anima Essence and Alchemist Ram’s tool. if it was player She collected fragments from her memory, and completing this boss battle also awakens the Luxembourg Palace. With the alchemist’s ram in hand, players can now smash breakable walls in them SteelRising.