How to easily navigate Gros Caillou in Les Invalides

The Steelrising role-playing game for developers Spiders offers an interesting new spin on traditional like souls Formula, with an interesting setting that combines elements of history, steampunk, and science fiction. Steelrising also offers a versatile combat system, which gives players plenty of options to change their playing style, using a large number of weapons, armor, and units.

The revolution has been waiting for a long time. It’s RISE time to save Paris! Steelrising is now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. It will be available on Steam, Epic, and GoG at 6PM CET.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Steelrising is its sprawling levels, which seem like a combination of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls And the nicknames of Team Ninja Nioh. Both titles feature open levels that give players complete freedom to explore and also reward their curiosity.

Each level in Steelrising is completed by a boss who must be defeated to advance further in the story.

While most levels are fairly linear, in some areas of Steelrising, such as Gros Caillou, passing the first section of Les Invalides can be a bit tricky. Here is a comprehensive guide to help players navigate Gros Caillou in Steelrising.

How to navigate the first section of Les Invalides, Gros Caillou in Steelrising

The first section of Les Invalides, Gros Caillou, is easily one of Steelrising’s most confusing levels. The stage is sprawling with tracks and often wraps around itself. Players familiar with FromSoftware’s Souls games will be right at home in Gros Caillou, but new arrivals You may feel a little tired.

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The path to Gros Caillou is broken down into parts that require players to complete certain tasks to unlock their paths. The first relates to bringing water to farms in Gros Caillou.

The first section of Gros Caillou – Bringing water to the farms

Upon entering the first section of Les Invalides, head straight ahead and activate the Vestal, the Steelrising Checkpoints. In front of you are three paths, one to the left, one to the right, and one straight ahead. All of these, except for the right, will be so inaccessible.

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Naturally, players must head to the right, where they will encounter Automat and two Panther Automats on the street. While basic automatism has been popular until now in Steelrising, this will be the first time players will encounter a Panther-type Automat. Fortunately, the latter is not particularly difficult as it sways quite easily and, as such, can be killed without much trouble.

Next, players will need to take the left path, where there is a robot with a snake hiding in the leaves. Players can easily send it with a grenade. Here, they will also find a water flask, which will come in handy later.

Furthermore, players will encounter two more Panther Automats and a normal Automat, and clearing them will allow them to advance to an area with other automats with snake bodies.

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Advancing beyond Automat, players will encounter a Lancer-type robot, which will allow them to interact with a nearby citizen who will ask for water. Players will then need to hand them the previously found water flask, which completes the Citizen mission. This will allow progress to the main road.

The second part of Gros Caillou – the church and beyond

Once again when exploring the left path, players will encounter a cemetery, which should now be fully accessed after completing the first citizen mission. When venturing into the cemetery section of the map, they will encounter the first automatic ball and chain, which is somewhat strong enemies.

Aegis weapons are an extension of it in Steelrising – Aggressive combat heats up, which players must manage via a cooling system More combat details in the September 8th release:

Stocking up on explosive bombs is a good idea to deal with these enemies as they are quite susceptible to swinging. These machines can hit hard and require precise dribbling skills to avoid being hit by spinning chain attacks.

Defeating these enemies is about timing the attacks, not greed with multiple strikes. Rogue machines are also vulnerable to frost, which players can use to their advantage.

Upon exiting the cemetery, they will encounter another one of these enemies, which will reward them with a treasure chest containing a first class critical health unit.

To the left, there will be more ball and chain enemies along with the Panther Automat, and sending both will reward players with a Fire chain a weapon.

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Furthermore, they will face a giant fire with a group of Automaton guarding it. Before dealing with the machines, players must sneak around the perimeter, opening the portal back to the Vestal. This will allow them to level up and make the necessary changes to their structure.

The last area of ​​Gros Caillou – Giant Fire

Once players enter the area with giant fire, they will face a host of enemies including a automatic lancerautomatic ball and chain and a few ordinary machines.

Sending them will allow advance to the house on the left, where one will find a treasure chest containing the Muskan collection.

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The next area will see players encounter a few hidden Panther Automats and Lancer Automats. After killing the machines in the area, they will need to take the far left path that includes a few Panther Automats, snake body automats and a portal that leads to Vestal.

After opening the gate, players need to head straight and then take the right. Here, they will encounter two automated robotic balls, which will allow them to capture lonliness A key near the Automat was dropped in the area. Ahead, players will encounter the workshop portal, which is the natural path of progression. It can be accessed via a temporary bridge directly across the workshop.

However, before entering the workshop, players must turn around and head toward the path opposite the gate, which leads to the two snake-body automata. Disposing of it will provide a treasure chest containing the Class II Active Charge Module.

After looting the treasure, players must return and jump over the gate to make their way to the Esplanade des Invalides. Here, they will need four automatic ball and chain processing. Fortunately, the enemies are quite far apart, allowing players to capture them one by one.

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After sending out all the enemies in the area, one can open the door that leads to Gros Caillou, allowing them to finally enter the workshop and obtain Diane’s armor. This also marks the conclusion of the first section of Les Invalides, Gros Caillou at Steelrising.

Edited by Sego Samuel Ball