‘I was winning 100-1’ – Safi Osborne crowns lead rider after 6539-1 triple | horse racing news

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

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Hat-trick Champion: Saffie Osborne returns to the Billy Mill winner’s fold after winning

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Written by Matt Rainey

Thursday: Newcastle

Saffie Osborne beat out Sean Levey in the £2022 Leading Knight Award when he claimed a 6,539-1 hat-trick in the series’ final round in Newcastle.

Osborne’s quick trio started when Trigoni netted for his third time in the Racing League this year in a 1-square-meter handicap, before veteran Rising Sand shock 40-1 handicapped the mile.

Her winning spree capped a successful 28-1 over Rod Millman-trained Billy Mill and saw her jump as Levi, who was disqualified by the BHA on medical grounds, as the lead jockey.

The 3lb owner was a rider for Wales and the West, run by her father and coach Jamie, who was also crowned the series’ winning team.

Speaking to ITV Racing after Billie Mill’s win, she said, “I think I was 100-1 to win this in the beginning. My dad told me on the way here if I had two winners I might win, but I told him there was no chance so I’m a little shocked.” .

“Sometimes you get a little lucky like this. I’ve never tripled before so having a £20,000 bonus on top of that is pretty cool.”

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

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Saffie Osborne with Raising Sand after his popular success

John Grosik (racingpost.com/photos)

Osbourne was left in tears of joy after her father’s win, popular stable star Raising Sand, which was his first success since July 2019.

She added, “I really feel so pathetic, but this horse means so much to all of us. He was one of the first racehorses I ever sat on, and he used to ride me in sprint races and that’s what he did a lot today.” .

“Winning him is something special. The team and my dad have done a great job and he absolutely loves the game. I can’t say how happy I am to win him. He’s part of the family now.”

Wales and West’s victory ended when Honky Tonk Man and Wachia finished second and fourth in the penultimate 6F handicap, and they finished with 785 points in the lead.

Winning captain Jimmy Osborne said: “It’s been about seven weeks of coaches – utterly selfish animals – coming together as a team to try and beat Matt Chapman. [London and the South team manager]. I did it!

“It’s great that you came down to the last night and you could have gone either way. We kept our best cards to play last night.

“Thanks to my coaches and co-owners, it’s unbelievable how good the prize money is and how much team spirit we feel for everyone.”

Racing league standings 2022

Wales and the West 785 points
London and the South 693
the East 651
North 573½
Scotland 488½
Yorkshire 409
Ireland 283

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First published at 8:24 PM on Sep 15, 2022