Ireland beat All Blacks in Rugby World Cup 7s

New Zealand 10-17 Ireland

New Zealand beat Ireland in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup 7s, losing 17-10 in a thrilling encounter in Cape Town.

Entering the match on the afternoon of an amazing quarter-final 24-14 victory over host South AfricaJames Topping once again played the underdog, but off to a bad start.

With just over 30 seconds on the clock, two Irish players gravitated toward Tone Ng Shiu in the middle and slashed off brilliantly to Ngarohi McGarvey-Black on the inside, allowing him to pass unobstructed into the corner.

Sam Dixon’s diversion kick drifted away.

The All Blacks were shot and a minute later, McGarvey-Black doubled his team’s lead with a great piece of improvisation, taking the ball off the ground from a counter-incident and once again, blasting away from the Irish pursuers. Again, Dixon was unable to add the plugins.

Ireland was swaying, but to their advantage they managed to stabilize the ship and began to ask some questions of their own. They were delivered a lifeline just before halftime when Moses Liu was sent into the sin box to knock Terry Kennedy off the ball.

With seven for six, Ireland knew they had to reduce the difference and start doing so with the clock in the red.

Ireland patiently passed an increasingly desperate New Zealand defence, cutting through the stages and pulling the All Blacks out of position before eventually working on three on one of the right wing, allowing Jack Kelly to touch into the corner.

Mark Roach went up to convert but was very unlucky as the ball hit the woodwork, and went back out.

With Leo staying in the litter box at the start of the second half, Ireland knew they needed to start strong and they did just that.

From a flat and low kickoff, McNulty managed to slip between two New Zealand players and force them into a foul when the ball rebounded perfectly for Andrew Smith who only had an empty space between him and the trying line. He went to settle scores, but again there was no fun with the diversion from Roche.

With a grade level 10-10, New Zealand was restored to its full complement and quickly began turning the helix.

The All Blacks’ experience and tactical acumen were telling, and Ireland had to come back further and further with Leo inches back from his third attempt before a ball saved him by Bryan Mollen on the goal line.

New Zealand wasn’t denied however and with the Irish defense growing creaking, McGarvey Black found a slight gap in the middle and that was all he needed to go on his third try and send the All-Black team to the world. Cup final. This time Kurt Baker’s transformation was good and there was no way back to Ireland.

With time in red, Ireland had one last chance to equalize, but they lost the ball in a net, and the New Zealanders gratefully ran the ball, booking their place in the final and pushing the brave Irish team into third place. The venue of the playoff.