Leinster and Munster knock out the Finals on Sunday in 2023

The Leinster and Munster Senior Bowling Finals are scheduled to take place on Sunday in 2023.

Match planners are expected to bring the Leinster slate back to Sunday after disappointing attendance at this year’s Saturday evening gala for the Kilkenny Galway slate at Croke Park.

A crowd for the game was never announced, although it was said to have been well under 25,000. Galway was disappointed by 7pm and thought it kept many families away from traveling to Dublin.

The last three Leinster SHC finals were held on Saturday. However, the impact of that day was only felt this year when the pandemic restrictions were lifted.

The Joe McDonagh Cup final was played ahead of this year’s Leinster match, but that can now be separated from the Leinster final and broadcast live as part of a double bill with the U20 All-Ireland Final, which this year was staged as a curtain-up to the final round of the SHC Monster clash. Between Tipperary and Cork in Thorless.

There has been speculation around this year’s major matches release that Monster could alternate with Leinster and fill the spot on Saturday evening next year. However, that is unlikely to be the case with Sunday afternoon’s throw-in that is an integral part of Münster’s biggest day and about 46,000 participated in the Limerick-Clare classic last June. The last Manchester final played on Saturday evening was the 2010 Waterford-Cork rematch at Thurless.

Meanwhile, Liam McCarthy’s Cup counties in Munster agreed to give up the away or away sequence for the provincial grand slam tournament. While the measure ensures that no team plays for three weekends in a row, it also means that counties will take turns playing back-to-back matches at home and away.

As a result of an agreement with Cork and Munster Council due to the unavailability of Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Claire started the competition this year technically with two away matches at FBD Semple against Tipperary and Cork. They concluded their campaign with visits to Limerick and Waterford to Cusack Park.

In 2023, Tipperary is scheduled to start his championship with consecutive away matches against Claire and Cork in the first and third round – and they are scheduled to be knocked out in the second round. They will continue their campaign by hosting Limerick and Waterford.

In the opposite direction, Cork will look to score on the board early on the home soil. After a respite in the opening round, they welcome Waterford and Tipperary to Páirc Uí Chaoimh for Rounds 2 and 3, respectively.

The second weekend in Cork is set to occur the second weekend of Round Three, the only round of the competition split over two weeks, when Waterford and Claire face off at Walsh Park if available in the first phase of their rebuild.

Waterford-Clare is played on a different weekend to avoid Déise and Banner playing three weekends in a row. Claire wrapped her matches in the fourth round and did not participate in the final round while Waterford was bid farewell in the fourth round.

The All-Ireland champions will have a 20- or 21-day break between their second-round clash with Claire and heading out to face Tip at Thorless in Round 4. Waterford had a similar hiatus last season.

The schedule for the 2023 Monster Senior Interim Championship: Round 1: Claire vs Tipperary, Waterford vs Limerick. Round two: Cork vs Waterford, Limerick vs Claire. Round Three (separate weekends in chronological order): Cork v Tipperary, Waterford v Claire. Fourth round: Claire vs Cork, Tipperary vs Limerick. Fifth round: Limerick vs Cork, Tipperary vs Waterford.