List of activities in Free Fire that can block your account

Many players in free fire Going the wrong way and resorting to illegal methods, apps or tools to gain additional benefits. Garena has become increasingly keen in recent years and has started issuing account bans to those who resort to cheating. This is done to ensure fair play in the battle royale title.

User accounts can be banned for various reasons, ranging from hacking tools to joining forces with other individuals who cheat. As a result, all players must be careful not to violate any of the game’s anti-piracy policies, or else they risk losing their account.

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Read on to find a comprehensive list of all activities that may lead to a file ban In Garena Free Fire.

Various activities that lead to account ban in Free Fire

Here are the different activities that the developers have outlined (Image via Garena)Garena Free Fire, here are some actions that can lead to in-game account ban:

1) Use of a modified or unauthorized game client

  • If players modify the Free Fire client or use an unauthorized game client, Garena can ban their account. With this in mind, it is advised to download the game only from official sources and not try to modify anything within the official battle royale client.

2) Using unauthorized tools that interact with the Free Fire game client

  • If users have unauthorized tools that interact with the game client to change part of the gameplay or affect the client, servers, or data, the developers will permanently suspend their account.

3) Use unofficial software to provide gameplay feature

  • Unofficial programs that offer an advantage in play will also lead to account ban. As a result, players must keep it fair and equitable and not try to gain an unfair advantage over others by using the specified software.

4) Modify form files to gain unfair advantages

  • Many players manipulate game model files to gain unfair advantages. Many, for example, remove some tissue, which gives them an advantage over their opponents in terms of visibility. However, all these actions will result in their account being permanently banned.

5) Take advantage of glitches or errors to exploit the gaming experience

  • Sometimes players discover bugs in the game and continue to exploit them instead of reporting them to the developers. It should be noted that such exploitation can also lead to suspension.
  • The ban can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity and number of times they exploited the bug.

6) Reported by multiple players and detected for abnormal play simultaneously.

  • It is also possible that the same players will be banned from Free Fire if several other users report them and find at the same time that they are participating in abnormal gameplay. This generally happens when they use hacks and other forms of cheating software and then are found doing so.

7) Bypass Free Fire anti-hack system via illegal local data transmission.

  • In scenarios where players try to bypass the anti-hack system by taking advantage of local data transmission, they will end up violating the game’s policies and will be banned by Garena. As a result, they should avoid making such attempts to keep their accounts secure.

In addition to the various actions discussed above, users who violate the abuse policy Battle Royale title They can also be suspended based on the activity they have done. For example, verbal abuse can lead to a temporary suspension while references to terror will lead to a permanent account ban.

NB: Free Fire was banned in India in February 2022; Therefore, all players in the country should avoid playing it on their devices. They can continue to engage in MAX . version Because it was not an outstanding application.