‘Liz Truss’ and the Premier League are preparing for a change in regulations

No wonder the Premier League has been playing ‘wait and see’ on its Premier League bid when a duty-free shopper is the new prime minister.

The reaction was muted, almost silent, but the pressure was all too evident this week with the not entirely surprising news that the new government has been formed by Liz Truss, a woman who believes in her views from the heart as long as she can benefit from them. , is now hesitating about introducing an independent football regulator.

What else would you expect from someone who still thinks the distorted idea of Misleading economics Has any value to anyone except the wealthiest? And who would think that tax cuts for the wealthy are in any way an appropriate response to a cost-of-living crisis that looks set to swallow millions of people this winter?

Of course, there was always a feeling that this was likely to be undone at some point. It is not instinctive for a conservative government to want to regulate anything that might limit the control of the richest over everything. But while Boris Johnson was an unabashedly populist, Truss has already made it clear where her priorities lie.

She had little intention of doing anything about escalating fuel bills until it became clear that the optics to do so would be disastrous for her, and she had already spoken publicly about making “unpopular decisions”, as if emphasizing this with nothing left out. Other considerations are a type of badge of honor and not usually a personality trait that can be found in a sociopath.

None of this should come as a surprise.

The report in The Times Emphasizing all of this stops a little shy from asserting that he is destined to be kicked in the tall grass and forgotten. It’s full of what we can only assume would water down phrases like, “Government prefers to avoid legislation if possible,” and “Government insiders insist, however, that legislation remains part of the armory if football fails to reach An acceptable agreement includes the Football Association, the Premier League and the English Premier League.

Is there really an agreement that can be struck between the Premier League and the rest of the league that would really change the way football is run without outside influence? It does not seem likely that anything will be achieved that will move the status quo in any way. The Premier League has been getting what it wants, when it wants for the past 30 years, and it should not be forgotten that this is an organization that was set up privately and expressly to cut the rest of football from what they considered it to be. they TV money and for them lonliness.

At every move over the past three decades the game has been played in this country with only the best interests of that wealthy elite in mind, and if you’re looking for proof of that, we just need to consider the example of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP).

Reforms to youth development in 2011 eliminated the “90-minute rule” (which allowed clubs to have a pool area after which they were not allowed to sign players under the age of 18), preventing the biggest clubs from participating. Taking young players away from home at a young age for training.

It was alleged at the time that the Premier League clubs that voted on the changes were left with little choice after they were effective “blackmail” By the Premier League under threat to withdraw all funding from youth development. Steve Parish, President of Crystal Palace, Description of EPPP at that time As a brazen attempt by the Premier League’s wealthy elite to select the best youngsters from the Football League clubs so they can comply with new European Union regulations on the number of domestic players that must be in first-team teams.

Many EFL clubs have closed their academies or downgraded their academies after this was brandished as it was no longer financially viable to continue with them.

When we think about the way the Premier League behaved at the time and the extent to which clubs with a more extreme flavour of the wealthy have been included since then, does anyone seriously believe that Premier League clubs would sit down with the intention of doing anything to the bare minimum to keep the gravy train rolling for themselves?

Mongoose news for gears about this, when you do it During her leadership campaign, she indicated that she would support a regulator, It came just two days after giving a hint of what was to come in the form of Premier League clubs Play “Wait and See” About the show they’re going to make, specifically on the assumption that something like this will eventually happen.

It doesn’t seem implausible to suggest that they probably already know that this is where all of this is going to end. No wonder that after a previous conversation about the Premier League meeting on the matter, the only news that came from him is concerned Prevent fans caught using fireworks.

So what can we expect next? The new breed of Premier League club owners may be interested in pursuing the second European Premier League or the Project Even Bigger Picture. There will be no promotion to test owners and managers. And who knows what other innovations they may now consider to be on the table. The news that the government will do nothing to rein them in seems likely to lead to more ‘blue sky’ thinking in the Premier League than anything else.

Meanwhile, if you want to register your dissatisfaction with such a strong face, you can Sign a petition here. It may not be enough. For someone who can convince the prime minister, the opinions of the juniors may not count. But with football’s regulatory landscape no different than it was when Bury was kicked out of the Premier League – the first club to suffer that fate in 26 years – it should have been worth a throw.

Without effective regulation, it will only be a matter of time before The Next Burial appears on the show, or before the next big picture of the project or the European Premier League is shown. The force of compression is unlikely to end once effective game repair is stopped, no matter how much it needs it.