London matches next weekend are “threatened”, but the English Premier League “hopes” to return to the stadiums

The Premier League may return next weekend, but matches scheduled for London are in doubt, according to reports.

Football matches at all levels across the UK have been canceled over the weekend as a sign of respect after The Queen passed away on Thursday.

The Football Association, for which the Queen has long been a patron, announced on Friday that All matches scheduled for this weekend will be postponed from the Premier League and the English Football League all the way to the popular game.

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The match was met with mixed reviews on social media, while the Football Supporters’ Association called on fans affected by the late cancellation of matches to sympathize.

With many fans already booking train tickets and hotel accommodations for weekend matches away from home, Malcolm Clarke, president of the Financial Services Association, is hoping fans won’t lose out over the postponements.

Clark said: “There’s a big question about refunds and advance train tickets being booked for outdoor matches and all of that.

“We certainly expect the railway industry and football authorities to take a very sympathetic view of this. It is not the time to ask fans to spend money on things that don’t happen.”

Cricket, golf and rugby codes decided to play after the government issued mourning guidelines and the Free Syrian Army issued a statement on Friday.

It read: “We believe that football is at its best when it brings people together at times of great national importance – whether it is moments of joy or moments of mourning.

“Our view, which we have shared with the football authorities, is that most fans would have liked to go to the matches this weekend and pay their respects to the Queen alongside their fellow fans.”

And now there is a possibility that matches next weekend will face further turmoil after it was announced that Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral will be a week away on Monday.

the athlete The claim that the Premier League “hopes to return to the stadiums at the end of next week but there is a possibility of disagreement over where the matches will be held amid concerns about the matches being played in London”.

The report adds:

The games in the capital are understood to be threatened by safety concerns, with police officers likely to be redeployed at short notice to help manage Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

One potential solution under discussion is for London clubs to play away from home next weekend instead of at home.

“But this idea is unlikely to prove popular with clubs who will have to host a new home match within one week, due to the complexities that come with hiring matches at short notice.”

This means that “more Premier League matches remain at risk of being postponed” and when the athlete Asking the Metropolitan Police about the possibility of more matches being cancelled, they said: “Whether matches will take place is a matter of the football authorities.

“Should installations occur, the Met will work with relevant partners and ensure that appropriate police plans are in place.”

Tottenham play Leicester City on Saturday, Brentford host Arsenal and Chelsea host Liverpool on Sunday.