Malwarebytes solves the error that was blocking Google this morning

Are you suddenly getting a lot of alerts from your Malwarebytes app? Have Google-owned websites and services suddenly crashed, possibly including the browser, Google Chrome? Not only you.

Many Malwarebytes users are currently experiencing these problems, and at the moment, there is only one solution – disabling the entire program. The question is where is the problem? Was Google really hacked or is Malwarebytes now down?

Modernization: Malwarebytes has announce The problem has now been resolved and a software update has been released. However, some people still report problems. If you are having problems, try updating your copy of Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is a popular software that helps protect users from malware and viruses. It provides real-time protection as well as the ability to scan for malware. If any infected files are found, they can be quarantined. Normally, this program works great, but it certainly does not work today.

Hundreds of Malwarebytes users have switched to TwitterAnd the redditand the Official Malwarebytes Forums, they are all reporting the same issue: All Google services are currently blocked as malware. Visiting websites like Google search engine, Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, or even YouTube results results in dozens of Malwarebytes pop-ups, all of which announce that the website has been blocked by malware.

But it doesn’t stop there. Some users, including myself, have encountered blue screens when trying to open Google Chrome. Other browsers work fine, but they still don’t load Google’s websites, so it seems that the issue affects only Google products.

It’s worth noting that Google services work fine on devices that aren’t running Malwarebytes, and they resume the moment you disable the software as well. As such, the problem is almost certainly with Malwarebytes. Before the software update, many users did not have this problem, so there may have been a bug patch that is circulating now.

How to solve the problem

We are aware of a temporary issue with the web filtering component of our product that may block certain domains, including We are actively working on the fix and will update Twitter as soon as we have more information.

And the[مدش]. malwarebytes (malwarebytes) September 21, 2022

Malwarebytes announced that it is aware of the issue and is “actively working on a fix.” However, it has not been announced when this fix will happen, so until it does, many are frustrated.

If you want to work around this issue, the only solution now (also recommended by Malwarebytes) is to turn off Web Protection. To do this, just open Malwarebytes and then turn it off on the right side of the app Real-time protection. did not work? Quit Malwarebytes completely. If that doesn’t help, you may have to restart your computer and/or router after disabling Malwarebytes.

This is clearly not ideal – you will be left without one of your computer’s main defenses if Malwarebytes is your usual solution. Play it safer during this time and don’t visit any websites that might be dodgy. Check out our list of Best antivirus software If you want to make sure you are protected in the meantime.

Hopefully Malwarebytes will release an update soon and this issue will be resolved. keep an eye on Twitter account Malwarebytes If you want to download your patch ASAP.

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