Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope might be the Transformer’s next big hit

Rapids poses for a photo with Mario and friends.

screenshot: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Mario + Rapids sparks of hope He finally gets the deep-diving audience he’s been waiting for before October 20 launch. The turn-based strategy formula is back, but with a bunch of new sci-fi tricks up its sleeves, and it’s giving me major importance Super Mario Galaxy 3Musical percussion instrument. also Rayman It will come in one of the future DLCs.

A new in-depth look at the game appeared during Ubisoft’s Forward premiere of one of the game’s new locations, more complex RPG elements, and Bowser dumping on enemies with Bowzooka. At the beginning of the trailer, Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina Rapid explore a 3D planet called Terra Flora, finding hidden paths and solving light puzzles to unlock secrets. Later, the group sails into battle on the back of a giant golden train Wigler complete with many new abilities. In general, it seems Mario + Rapids Kingdom Battle With a greater focus on exploration and character customization.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Wiggler Boss Fight Game Play Preview | #UbiForward

Ubisoft also announced that the game will have at least three DLC expansions after its launch as part of the Season Pass. We haven’t found out much about when they’ll arrive, or what they’ll contain, but Rayman was Confirmed to be a playable character when the third finally falls after launch.

sparks of hope first leak Back in 2021. The sequel promised to take fans of the first game to the space where Mario and his cohorts. And their Rabbid impersonators have been jumping on the planet on an adventure to save their comrades from the Spark. In addition to the new environments, the sparks of hope It also frees up characters, allowing players to move around at will in between using attacks. In the first game, you can often perform chain attacks so characters can move around the map in one turn, so the new sequel mechanic seems like a natural progression.

This real-time turn-based hybrid approach looked so smooth in the initial trailers that some even thought it might run on a new Switch Pro. But this turned out to be not the case. Five years after the original version was released, sparks of hope There is no doubt that it pushes the boundaries of aging Nintendo consoles like many other recent blockbusters.

While using the Rabbids franchise as a jumping-off point for a Ubisoft/Nintendo crossover seemed wild at first, the initial result, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, It ended up becoming one of the best games on Switch. Mario and RaymanExotic Rabbids was a natural fit for a strategy game inspired by the XCOM-inspired cover. The mechanics have been simplified, but still allow for plenty of tactical creativity and satisfying strategic maneuvers. In addition, she was not afraid to make fun of herself and the Mario characters that appeared in her. or not, sparks of hope He managed to maintain the continuity of the winning streak.

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Creative Director David Soliani recently . said That the team working on the new game is four times larger than its predecessor, and that a lot of changes have been made, including allowing players to directly control characters this time around. “We changed exploration, we changed the combat system, we added big mechanics in sparks, we added RPG elements…we changed so many things that it was a huge effort for everyone,” he said.

where 2017 kingdom battle He was part of the powerful Ubisoft lineup, sparks of hope It comes during an unusually sparse year for the famous publisher. with Assassin’s Creed Mirage And the Avatar: Pandora’s Border Both are behind 2022, all eyes are currently on the unlikely Mario cooperation.