Millions of WhatsApp users have been urged to change settings now – don’t risk waiting or it could cost you

WHATSAPP users are urged to change their settings – don’t wait to enhance your privacy.

There are some simple tweaks that you can make to instantly make WhatsApp more secure.


One simple trick add a private lock on your WhatsApp appCredit: WhatsApp / TikTok / @letsdodiz

Even if you rarely use WhatsApp, it is still important to maintain the privacy of the application.

Now the star of TikTok and the buzz of technology Tweet embed Share some simple WhatsApp hacks to keep you safe.

Lock your WhatsApp app

Did you know that it is possible to put a secondary lock on WhatsApp?

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This means that even if you unlock your iPhone for someone to use, you can prevent anyone from viewing your WhatsApp messages.

All you have to do is set up a file Face ID or set up Touch ID.

To set this up, you have to head over to your WhatsApp settings.

Then click on “Account” and then “Privacy”.

From here, you can turn on Lock Screen with Touch ID or Face ID.

You will also be able to choose a time period when the ID will be required again.

Now when you go to open the app, it will ask you for your prints or a photo of your face to verify that you are really reading your private conversations.

You can still quickly read and reply to messages in the notification window, so the tool is not foolproof.

You will also be able to answer WhatsApp calls.

You can always disable all message previews in your iPhone settings.

Change your last seen

Another good trick is to make sure that people don’t know when you last used WhatsApp.

Other than that, anyone with your phone number can know the last time you used WhatsApp.

You can currently turn off WhatsApp Last Seen through your settings menu but you only have the option to turn it off for everyone or all of your contacts, not for specific people.

The feature is available in the Privacy section of your WhatsApp settings.

Consider setting the feature to Nobody, or very specific trusted contacts.

WhatsApp is soon upgrading this feature with the ability to hide your online status.

messages disappear

For years, WhatsApp messages have been permanent: even if you delete them, everyone else will still be able to see them.

Then WhatsApp allowed you to “unsend” messages within a certain period of time – deleting them for you and all recipients.

Finally earlier this year, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature that automatically “unsends” messages.

This is important, as it means that some of the texts sent to you will not stay.

And if you activate it, your texts will also disappear.

It is an important privacy feature You should consider running.

And if you don’t activate it, know that texts sent to you may still be “unsent”.

So how do you activate WhatsApp messages that are disappearing today?

Open your mobile app and then go to Settings > Account > Privacy.

Find the hidden messages and then set the toggle switch to the on position.

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Then choose a time period in which the messages will disappear – 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days.

You can also activate it by entering into a specific conversation and tapping on the person’s name, then going to the hidden messages.

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