MultiVersus Guide: How to Play Gizmo

MultiVersus is dropping new characters quickly, and each new reveal is a big deal for fans of the game, classic movies, television, and pop culture in general. The meta receives a new makeover as the latest competitor emerges from his strange little chest to join the fray.

Gizmo is the first Mogwai from the 1984 movie Gremlins. He’s a lovable, mysterious friend who must be raised with some strict rules. Mogwai’s getting wet will cause them to breed more, and feeding them after midnight will make them become horrific beasts. Fortunately, Gizmo remains soft and gentle, so it would be a great partner.

How to play Gizmo in MultiVersus

Gizmo is a support character in MultiVersus, which means that it is best used in the cool 2v2 mode of the game. He is a great ally and has a threat to his enemies on the battlefield.

Gizmo’s unique trait is his ability to cling to his partner’s back just as Yoda does with Luke Skywalker. This makes it ideal for taking on the enemy as a duo but less effective in situations where a split might be beneficial.

The Gizmo range consists mainly of projectiles. The trademark bow and arrow is the main focus, and he has the ability to set his other projectiles on fire. It’s fast, deals decent damage, and can apply the burn effect to continue hurting the target.

Gizmo is also rich in excellent debuff attacks, and his neutral special causes him to sing, which will gradually apply musical notes to the enemy. If he manages to do this long enough, the enemy will be silenced, preventing him from using any movement with a cooldown period.

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His ground and aerial sideshows are fast-moving charge attacks that deal damage by smashing the opponent. The grounded variable stays out for a while and is difficult to maneuver. It’s like Jake’s Horse Transformation but faster.

His basic defensive style is his main defensive choice, but it’s a bit limited. Gizmo climbs back up to the chest he entered and stays inside as long as the player holds the button. The chest will deflect any projectile, but will still be subject to melee attacks.

Playing Gizmo solo doesn’t make the most of his best skills, but the kills can still be scored with Mogwai. His special aerial target is a slam attack reminiscent of rock kirby, but causes a ricochet after he hits the ground. This can combine in its air tendency to kill at fairly high rates.

It is best to use Gizmo as a supporting character. Use his bow and other projectiles to fend off the enemy while his ally kills.

Best perks of Gizmo in MultiVersus

Like every character in MultiVersus, Gizmo has a few key perks that can remedy its flaws. Gizmo can be made more powerful with two options.

Use Bounce, Bounce, Boom to turn Gizmo projectiles into remote blasters, detonating with his bow. work a bit like morty bombs It is a much needed damage tool.

Consider using Back to Back for Gizmo. Gizmo players will benefit greatly from holding on to their ally, so they may also get a power-up when doing so.

Gizmo is An interesting character in MultiVersus Which showcases the most unique aspects of the game. It will be interesting to see how he teams up with Gremlin Spike when he drops into the game.