New farming games must take speed lessons from Stardew Valley

thanks for the games like Stardu Valley And the Animal Crossing: New HorizonsAnd the Farming and life simulation games are back in fashion. They also took control of September, like Disney Dreamlight Valley It was launched earlier this month and games like Harvestella, The Story of the Seasons: A Wonderful Life, Faye Farm, Rune 3’s Special FactoryAnd the all-new Rune Factory title got chipsets in the latest Nintendo Direct. at harvest Until I got a demo After the September 13th Nintendo Direct – one I downloaded right away to get my farm early.

Although, I found it at harvest Already an issue I’ve noticed in many titles that are part of the genre boom, including Disney Dreamlight Valley: They’re not reaching cultivation fast enough, damn it!

Although this may seem obvious, modern games of this type have been open for a long time before the player has any farming tools on hand. When players come to these games for the farming and simulation elements, developers looking to join the trend may want to take some cues of speed from games like Stardu Valley By cutting back on their heavy-handed lore at the front and bringing players onto the court sooner.

Let’s jump to it

part of beauty Stardu Valley It is how quickly the player immerses himself in the basic concepts of the game. Standalone Strike allows players to go into farming or building within 10 minutes before slowly expanding systems outward and allowing players to invest more in the game world and story. You will know if you like it or not Stardu Valley Within 10 minutes of playing, you’ll already have crops that give you a reason to stay if you like it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley – Introduction & Gameplay Overview

together at harvest And the Disney Dreamlight Valley, It takes at least 30 minutes to enter any agricultural item, and even longer before players get caught up in the gameplay loop of tending their crops or customizing their homes as the game wants. I was eager to try Disney Dreamlight Valley Via Xbox Game Pass when it was released earlier this month. After being hit by an instant-view dump followed by a slow paced but important gun-collecting tutorial, I got bored with it and it just stopped working as it was open for me at the end of the first hour. It didn’t tempt me and I had other things to do and play with.

Soon, I checked Harvestella Demo after falling through September 13th, Nintendo Direct. I expect to end up playing more when it releases, as I am fascinated by its world and mix of RPG and fantasy sim. Having said that, I found myself walking around the demo where I had to deal with a lot of the presentation and simple “walk to” thematic gameplay before I could actually get to any of the farming or RPG elements. While I’m glad I didn’t stop playing the demo, I almost did because of the icy pace.

I hope at harvest She got me more quickly into her playing ring before she dumped her interesting lore. This does not mean that the story is not important in these types of games. Some of the most memorable parts of Stardu Valley And the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Get to know the people you live with. The sim elements are what attract most players, as well as what will put them into a routine that they can relate to.

Dedicating 30 minutes to an hour of extra playing time in a game that can last dozens of hours may seem like a debate about semantics, but the first few moments of a game can make or break the experience. And when you’re in a gaming genre with a lot of competition these days, gamers can easily switch to something just as interesting if they aren’t immediately addicted. The best simulation experiences cut the fluff, encourage players right away, and save the deeper elements for later. The future farming and life simulator game should take into consideration if they want to take off like this Stardu Valley she did.

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