New multi-device WhatsApp mode is active for Android tablets in beta

WhatsApp has come a long way since it became web interface It only works if your phone is connected to the internet as well. Multi-device support changed things for the better, allowing your computer to connect to the messaging service’s servers and act as a connected device even if your primary phone was offline. WhatsApp is extending this capability to other devices, starting with a new beta feature for Companion mode for Android tablets.


WhatsApp multi-device support allows you to link a single WhatsApp account on a phone to up to four desktop computers. However, it is not officially possible to mirror the account on another smartphone or tablet. We first got an idea of ​​WhatsApp plans to develop a therapy in the form of Multi Device 2.0 Last year, the early signs of the new Comrade mode appeared in May. At the time, we were able to see instructions for using the feature and a screen for linking a half-baked device, but the feature didn’t work.

WABetaInfo Newer Reports WhatsApp Beta builds On the Play Store (v2.22.21.5 and v2.22.21.6) brings Companion mode for tablets to a few beta testers. This means that testers can link their WhatsApp account from their Android phone or iPhone to their Android tablet. Setting up Companion Mode is like using multiple devices on WhatsApp Desktop or the web – just tap the three-dotted menu in the top right corner of the WhatsApp app on your Android phone (or the gear icon on your iPhone) and select the associated devices. Then point your phone’s camera at the QR code displayed on the instance of WhatsApp running on your Android tablet.

Once set up, chats will sync between your phone and Android tablet, even when the former doesn’t have an active internet connection. When we tested this ourselves, the WhatsApp beta first asked us to add a phone number to get started. Only after restarting the app by swiping away from the Recents app overview were we able to pop up the QR code interface. Once we linked our WhatsApp account to it, we were greeted by the familiar WhatsApp interface as you know it from your phone, extended widely on your tablet. While almost everything works as expected, this is not a perfect experience and probably the reason why it is still in beta at the moment.

The report says you can still only link four companion devices per WhatsApp account, but now at least one of them can be a tablet if you like. WABetaInfo warns that the new beta version may contain some missing features, including Communities And the ability to View live websites. WhatsApp can roll out support for these in due course.

Companion mode’s functionality and appearance may change during the beta testing phase, but we believe an app similar to Companion mode may eventually make its way to smartphones, allowing them to function as linked devices as well. When that happens, you won’t need to rely on superficial or cumbersome solutions to use a single account on multiple gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers.

If you want to try this for yourself, be sure to check it out Join WhatsApp beta on Play Store or, if full, Download the latest version of APK Mirror.

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Update: 09/23/2022 09:43AM EDT by Manuel Fono

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