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Willie Carson (left) recalls a humorous incident with old rival Pat Edery

Written by Julian Muscat

Willie Carson remembers the moment he found out that his great friend and rival Pat Edery had unknowingly boarded his plane when he saw the plane in question while watching the race on TV that afternoon.

Carson was speaking to the Racing Post to commemorate a historic victory for Eddery, who reached 4,000 winners in the saddle when the 1997 St Leger touched down on Silver Patriarch. This would prove to be his last victory in the British Classic and after six years he called up time in a brilliant career that saw him crowned the jockey champion on 11 occasions.

In a major feature of the Sunday newspaper, contemporaries called Eddie Carson, Bruce Raymond and George Cadwallader, as well as Ed Dunlop, the son of Silver Patriarch John coach, the man who had inherited the mantle of Lester Piggott as the premier sporting rifle for hire and indelibly etched his name on it. To call the names on the greats of all time. They also lament the tragic demise that shockingly ended his life in 2015 at just 63 when his body shriveled under the weight of his long-standing alcoholism.

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

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Willie Carson: “On the grass Eddie was a possessed man who wouldn’t give you an inch”

Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos)

Carson laughed as he recalled watching the race from Haydock on TV on a rare day off.

“I thought, ‘Wait, that’s my plane parked right there in the background. Pat had just hit it. We kept our planes in the same spot and something was wrong with his plane, so he told his pilot to take my plane. To this day I still don’t remember if he put any fuel in it.”

Eddy’s cunning maneuver was emblematic of a man who would do anything to get the job done on the track.

“On the grass he was a man possessed and he wouldn’t give you an inch,” said Carson. “Often he put me in the pocket and I could hear him laughing: ‘Got it!”

When asked about Eddie, Carson added, “Riding came easily to Pat; he was just a normal guy. He made mistakes, of course he did. Every jockey makes mistakes. If God had been a knight he would have erred too, but Pat always seemed to know what It must be done on a horse.”

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First published at 3:00 PM, September 16, 2022