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If Mordred could learn to jump, he would probably be the most likely winner in this first opening contest, but despite the interest of his old coach, Milton Harris, he simply didn’t look natural in his six starts on the woods and for that reason he was passed here.

Indigo Lake was the best of these on the level, rating up to 93 at a time, but it’s very inconsistent and he raced very lightly with a horse of his age suggesting he was having problems training. The positive with him is that he comes here with a few miles on the clock and I doubt Richard Newland would have gone into the winter game unless he thought he could get at least one win from him for the unionists.

However, they may both have to bend over Lusaka who has shown at least some definite proficiency for the game since coming from Ireland. His pass selection over the hurdles came last time when he was just caught on the short trail, but a sharp run at Fontwell Park by Milldean Felix and that sharper test of speed could prove to be much more than that on his street.

When I first looked at this two-and-a-half mile hitch-hip, I thought Robyndeglory’s weight would be able to challenge a captured penalty for a solid run more success at Wexford last time, especially since there’s so little in solid way, and comparable shape in this. the field. I imagine the seven-year-old would be sent to the front doors early to make the most of her trusty ability and try to run into the ground.

But when I looked at the race composition again, I found that there were at least two other runners willing to participate early on and that a neck-breaking race could set this up. April joy.

Gavin Cromwell’s stint in both Downpatrick and Peliustown went well in her last two rounds, and to be fair, you could easily upgrade that last round because she wasn’t really in the race she needed that afternoon when she was running well behind Highway Lieutenants and Guiri. The case should be very different this afternoon, and the Ask mare will get another chance to shine from the same handicap rating of 106.

That sounds like a great race for the day and you can easily make solid claims to five of the seven runners who are set up in the class.

Bottomweight, Sergeant, always seemed the likely winner at his last event in Stratford, traveling really hard and then finding more than enough bridle to score a clear success. His small penalty seems more than fair and I make him the biggest threat to the selection.

But the choice Thibaultwinning three of his last four starts on the woods, culminating in a seven-length win over two and a half miles at the East Sussex track, this lightly racing nine-year-old has already got between his teeth and with Ben French Davis taking 7 pounds off his back. It is actually a pound less in the ratings today.

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Clan Jack has every right to be at the top of the betting tree in this sixth category, and he has a mile and a half handicap after his last seven starts with three wins of 53, 55 and 58, two seconds and a third. He could be a mark of 62 within his range especially with Jim Goldie’s team at such a good level at the moment and it’s scary.

However, I will come out here and suggest it simple star It could reflect summer shape at the highest level with a potential market leader, being a full 14 pounds better off beating the shade over seven lengths.

The key to his chance of revenge is for David Allan to coax him and relax during the first part of the race. On many occasions, he had simply made his way out of the feud by doing too much too soon.

The 62 mark just looks too good to be ignored and the son of Sea The Stars will resume as a game in every direction.

Paul Jacobs Sunday Advice

13:50 Blompton – Lusaka
15:10 Listowel – Farah April
15:20 Blompton – Tipo
16:00 Hamilton – Simple Star (from every direction)

* All prices are up-to-date with our nifty tools, while copy odds are accurate at time of publication but subject to change

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