Phil Spencer says there’s “currently nothing to say” about a potential Scalebound revival

canceled in 2017.

Platinum and Xbox leadership have been constantly asked about the project since then, but speculation came to a head in February when Kamiya told IGN Japan who – which Would like to open discussions with Microsoft About the possibility of officially reviving the project.

Kamiya said, “We put a lot of work into it, and it is useless VGC . said: “No, it’s not a joke: I’m totally serious about it.”

Now, Xbox head Spencer has been asked about a possible revival. asked by Watch the game Spencer replied if Scalebound could be revived with a smile (translated by VGC by Robert Sivason): “There is currently nothing to be said for Scalebound.”

Previously when asked about the possibility of reviving the platinum title, Spencer said clearer answer. “For people who think there might still be something in the works: there is none,” he said when asked about Scalebound in 2020.

Xbox and PlatinumGames previously offered explanations for what happened with Scalebound, but Kamiya of Platimum recently moved to take sole responsibility for the project’s cancellation.

In a video on shots Posted by YouTube last November, Kamiya blamed Platinum’s inexperience in working with the Unreal Engine and online features as the primary reasons for scraping Scalebound.

When asked why he felt it would be better for him to work on Scalebound again, Kamiya told VGC earlier this year He believes that Platinum has grown since its development ended.

“Nothing is too amazing [has changed]Only time. As a company, we have gradually grown and gained experience in technology and more people.”

Phil Spencer says that

“By the time we were making Scalebound, there was a lot we couldn’t achieve and that was hard for me. It was hard to fail like that. When the project was over, it wasn’t like the next day I was thinking, ‘I should try again. I needed to rest.

“But time goes by, things change, things are different now. I’ve had some time to think and yes, I’d like to try making Scalebound again. That’s how I feel.”

Scalebound Discussion in 2020Xbox’s Spencer said he had no hard feelings for PlatinumGames.

“It’s tough because I have a lot of respect for Platinum, [Hideki] “Kamiya-san, the team and I do not feel bad faith,” he said at the time. “We talk to these guys: there is no animosity between the two teams. We tried to do something and it didn’t work, and I’m sorry we were so public about what we tried to do.”