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The Inishowen family has issued an urgent appeal to the public to help raise more funds for specialized medical treatment for their inspiring little girl.

Caitlín Strain (9), of Birdstown, Burnfoot, is currently undergoing cancer treatment in the United States.

However, additional funds are needed to meet the increased costs and GoFundMe Page has been formed.

With a goal of €300,000, her family thanked everyone who had donated so far.

But big money is still badly needed and they said, “Caitlin needs us now more than ever.”

They encourage everyone in Donegal – including individuals, community groups, schools and businesses – to help out in any way they can to fundraising efforts.

Medical treatment in America comes at a high cost and this is no different. We ask everyone for help. Please help in any way you can by donating, arranging fundraising events, helping with events, participating and promoting,” says Caitlin’s uncle Fabian Gibson.

“People are very kind; through your prayers, efforts, and donations, we have come this far, and we cannot describe how helpful it was to Caitlin and her family. All help is greatly appreciated and welcomed.”

School student Caitlin is currently in Houston, Texas, where she has been undergoing specialist treatment for the past two weeks.

“Caitlin tolerates treatment well and is in good spirits,” Fabian added.

Emyr and Thomas’ parents researched the possibility of treatment in the United States after receiving shocking news following Caitlin’s latest MRI scan.

“After seeking help from America, they accepted the treatment and started treatment in Texas. Caitlin traveled to America and started treatment on August 31,” explains Fabian.

He describes his niece Caitlin – the second youngest of her five children – as “the most beautiful, kind and caring child”.

Caitlin has been battling cancer for over a year and a half already, after being diagnosed with a brain tumor on February 18, 2021, just three days before her eighth birthday.

She celebrated her eighth birthday at Temple Street Hospital in Dublin. Three days later, she underwent the first of three surgeries to try to remove the tumor.

Six weeks after admission to Temple Street Hospital, Caitlin and her family traveled to Essen in Germany, where she received six weeks of proton beam therapy before returning home at the end of May last year.

On July 12, 2021, Caitlin began nearly nine months of chemotherapy at Our Lady Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

“She is a very outgoing child. Her lively personality helped her through all the tough times and the treatment she received,” says Fabian.

Caitlin’s chemotherapy was completed by March of this year and after a break of four months, an MRI scan was arranged. But things did not go as the family had hoped and prayed.

They’ve received the devastating news that the treatment didn’t work, and Fabian says Caitlin received a “terrible prediction,” before she won a lifeline in Texas.

The online donation fund has now crossed the 100,000 euro mark, but the breeds need more.

If you would like to donate, please visit Caitlin’s page at

Please feel free to contact the organizers, Patricia McKinney, Maria Baron or Fabian Gibson, if you encounter any difficulties or would like to contribute through alternative means.

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