Pokemon Unite players discuss whether Greedent’s Bullet Seed has been mined

bugs in pokemon unite It’s nothing new, and despite the developers’ good intentions, it’s there. While some of the glitches may not cause much of a headache, the problem expands when they affect the very things that players play.

Greed may be suffering from one, and it can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the Pokemon. As with any video game, the error occurs for multiple reasons.

Sometimes, they can benefit, as happened with Absol a few months ago. The Secret Great ended up empowering Absol to the point that he became the opponents’ nightmare.

Thanks to players and social media, there’s quick info whenever something like this happens.

Original post (Image via Reddit, u/Nutleaf420)

Greedent is one of the game’s most unique defenders, whose usefulness lies in other respects. Bullet Seed is one of the most powerful forms of attack and is something players rely on.

The new bug, sent by A Pokemon Unifying the player, it seems to affect the movement significantly. Others also joined in to discuss the hindrance and whether there was an error.

The community is exploring the possibility of a bug in Pokemon Unite that reduces Greedent’s powers

Earlier on September 8, Reddit user u/Nutleaf420 posted a clip from Pokemon Unite that showed what exactly could be the problem with Greedent. When the user tried to use Bullet Seed, he was interrupted by their opponents.

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Under normal circumstances, Bullet Seed cannot be interrupted by any means. While greed It can get damaged during movement, continue its attack, and what might happen is wrong.

It’s safe to say, it got the community talking, as this bug can hold players back significantly.

Someone commented that it definitely looks like a bug because Greedent can do insane damage to a Bullet Seed movement. They also hope that the potential bug will be fixed and things will return to normal in Pokemon Unite.

Another player added that Bullet Seed’s movement is multifunctional and allows them to do several things at once. With this bug, they are now planning to go with some alternatives for now so they don’t suffer during matches.

One player believes that this may be a deliberate change made by the developers in Pokemon Unite. If it was intentional, this means that they will now be able to stop the Bullet Seed with any kind of passive action (stunning, for example).

The owner of the main post commented that if it was really intentional, it is one of the worst moves at the moment in the Game.

One of the main strengths of Bullet Seed is that it can ignore crowd control at first, which increases its effectiveness.

The last bug / nerf made Greedent completely useless for some in Pokemon Unite.

One player even seems to find some kind of plot and pattern in how potentially harmful Griddent’s move could be.

It is unclear whether the above problem is an intentional understatement or an accidental error. Users can expect a solution in the coming days if this is the previous one.

What fans of this Pokemon are hoping for is that this was not done intentionally, as it might make it difficult to play with Greedent.