Premier League postponements: When can matches be rearranged? Will the FA Cup replay? | football news

With 14 Premier League matches needing to be rearranged, and the Winter World Cup causing unprecedented changes to the match calendar, Sky Sports News Sees when the games can finally be played.

Will the postponed Premier League matches be played soon?

Sky Sports News He has analyzed this season’s football calendar in light of matches postponed after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and it is clear that there are precious few opportunities to rearrange it.

All the Premier League and English Football League teams missed a full round of matches as a sign of respect.

Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Leeds, Brighton and Crystal Palace all have two Premier League games to catch after further delays were imposed.

Chelsea’s home match against Liverpool is one of 14 Premier League matches that need to be rearranged

The main question now is: When can all these matches be played? Not in 2022 is the immediate answer.

There is no time slot available in the middle of the week between now and the start of the World Cup. The Premier League and Championship matches will be paused on Sunday 13 November, allowing six players before then.

All are already full, with four rounds of European matches and one full set of Premier League and Carabao Cup third round matches.

What about playing matches in 2023?

Moving into 2023, there are only three midwives vacant in the five months before the season ends on Sunday, May 28 and none of those are available until April at the earliest.

Match Crowd - Midweek Dates 2023 Jan-March
Match Crowd – Midweek Dates 2023 Jan-March

Match Crush - Midweek 2023 dates for April and May
Match Crush – Midweek 2023 dates for April and May

Currently, the only vacant brokers in the football calendar are Tuesday/Wednesday April 3/4, Tuesday/Wednesday 2/3 May and Tuesday/Wednesday 23/24 May.

But those dates are reserved for clubs in the later stages of the Carabao Cup and FA Cup, which have to move league matches off their regular weekend schedule.

What if teams with multiple games to rearrange reach the final stages of the cups?

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool FC Chelsea Cup Final
Liverpool won the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup last season, but their arrival in the last stages again this season could cause more problems in matches.

Usually, the big clubs dominated the later stages of cup competitions. Last season’s FA Cup semi-finals featured four clubs (Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Crystal Palace) who have two Premier League matches to rearrange this season.

If it happened in the semi-finals again, there would be real problems for the football authorities.

This is why the mediators who are dedicated to the FA Cup replays are once again in sharp focus. The FA Cup third round replays are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday 17/18 January and Tuesday/Wednesday 7/8 February.

Will FA Cup replays be cancelled?

Akwasi Ashanti (centre) in Chesterfield celebrates scoring at Stamford Bridge
Chesterfield’s out-of-league side faced Chelsea in the FA Cup last season – the kind of match that provides valuable revenue for clubs in the lower league.

It is understood that the FA still plans to reintroduce replays for the third and fourth rounds of the FA Cup later this season despite heavy pressure on this season’s fixture schedule.

The replay has been canceled in the past two seasons in the wake of the Covid pandemic, but its planned reintroduction this season leaves the football calendar with real problems of congestion.

Media reports elsewhere have indicated that the FA Cup matches will be called off again this season, but Sky Sports News It was said that there were no plans to do so.

It is understood that the Premier League has not yet made any request to the FA to cancel the replay and that the board of directors is committed to trying to keep it in place.

The clubs of the lower tier see the return of the cup as a huge bonus as it provides an opportunity to generate significant revenue if these clubs first manage to tie against one of the elite teams.

As it stands now, both the FA and the Premier League are working to keep these remodeling plans in place.

But any further postponements to the Premier League – due to bad winter weather, for example – will inevitably mean a reconsideration of those plans.

What Premier League matches need rearranging?

  • Bournemouth vs Brighton
  • Arsenal vs Everton
  • Crystal Palace vs Manchester United
  • Fulham vs Chelsea
  • Leeds vs Nottingham Forest
  • Leicester vs Aston Villa
  • Liverpool vs wolves
  • Manchester City vs Tottenham
  • Southampton vs Brentford
  • West Ham vs Newcastle
  • Brighton vs Crystal Palace match
  • Chelsea vs Liverpool
  • Manchester United vs Leeds
  • Arsenal vs Manchester City