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Huawei It has taken another step towards digital transformation by introducing a new range of commercial products. Ultimately, these products are beneficial in both ways, depending on the users’ perspective and the company’s growth.

A few days ago, Huawei launched a new commercial products meeting in Wuhan. As the name reflects, the company has revealed a huge range of devices. For example, laptops, desktops, monitors TabletsAnd the printers.

You can check out all the devices in the list below:

  • MateBook B7-420
  • MateBook B5-440
  • MateBook B3-430
  • MateBook B5-330
  • Tablet C5
  • C5e Tablet PC
  • Qingyun desktop B730
  • Desktop B530
  • Monitor B3-243H
  • PixLab B5 printer
  • Huawei Watch B7-738

Apart from the hardware, Huawei also introduced some Cloud solutions. For example, Huawei Dynamic Cloud B530 and Huawei Dynamic Cloud B730. In the end, these are new smart products that provide high-throughput and comprehensive tools Features.

It is worth noting that the company paid these things Hardware Mainly for governmental and educational purposes. Besides, Huawei dropped the commercial office Solution in key areas of the market. Such as manufacturing, finance, transportation and energy.

Huawei and its DNA strategy

Huawei believes that by combining some vital aspects, one can achieve success expertise in the consumer field. Hence, the company uses three elements of DNA for quality, wisdom and reliability. Together, these themes provide better design technology and a smarter, more reliable experience Services for business clients.

By following the three attributes, the company will revamp the future commercial office products. As a result, users will find a full-scenario hybrid office that can meet the diverse and efficient requirements of consumers.

Develop industry-specific solutions to advance digital transformation

The Chinese manufacturer always cares about the convenience of its users. Be it large corporations, government sectors or the general public. Besides, it has always provided such technologies that can effectively respond to users’ needs. Thus, new Huawei products with these features will lead to a digital transformation.

Some of the products that contributed to digital transformation To date, there are paperless desks, smart classrooms, computer classrooms, employee safety work collaborations, interactive insurance solutions, and other industry-wide products.

    Huawei products digital transformation

Fellowship Program to Assist Small and Medium Enterprises

As mentioned, Huawei considers every sector related to its company. Instead, the company has launched a fellowship program that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve their economic growth.

The company also stated that it will work with SME research institutions, financial institutes and other high-quality platforms that can further support these sectors. Huawei will work more on three topics – product customization, special discounts, and corporate training.

Huawei claimed that it is focusing more and more on digital transformation, providing support to different industries. Hence, these efforts will surely raise the bar for the country’s digital economy.