Report claims his Man United teammate has ‘connection’ issues that ‘frustrate’ Maguire

Harry Maguire is frustrated by David de Gea’s performance against Manchester United, according to him ESPN.

It’s been a very difficult 12 months or so for Maguire, who cost United £80m in 2019, making him the most expensive defender ever.

England’s stopper is the best for Premier League goalkeepers, Mendy is struggling, sad ward

His price tag probably has something to do with his poor performance, it has to be said.

It will undoubtedly play into the player’s mind and that’s something the media have been happy with.

An English defender costing £80m to join Manchester United in the process is a recipe for disaster unless they are completely flawless for an extended period of time.

Maguire was not without flaws. On the contrary, in fact. It may be due to itself, but United have been doing well for a while now.

They seem to be turning the page under the leadership of Eric Ten Hag, the wonderful manager. Maguire doesn’t appear often under the Dutchman, even as a club captain.

Dropping the 29-year-old was the right decision, with Raphael Varane finally emerging as a qualified footballer alongside Lisandro Martinez, who followed Ten Haag from Ajax in the summer.

Another aspect of Maguire’s time at Old Trafford that hasn’t been ideal for him is the system in which he plays and plays.

He is by no means a quick player and was signed after thriving with Hull City and Leicester City, who play deeper than the Red Devils.

Furthermore, Maguire was brilliant in England and was selected in the Euro 2020 team as his country reached the final of the competition.

Under the leadership of Three Lions coach Gareth Southgate, Maguire played in defense of five, along with two other central defenders, which suits him perfectly because he is straightforward and slow.

The ESPN Report He claims the United captain “needs the speed of those around him”.

This is correct. However, when you pay £80m for a player, you don’t need to sign a player or other players to make sure he can play well.

United spent years trying to “unlock” Paul Pogba after paying a world record fee to sign him, and they never had to put themselves in a similar situation again.

A source reportedly said: “Harry needs speed around him, but he just didn’t have it” ESPN.

“If you put [Manchester City centre-half] Robin Dias in the United defense and Harry in the City defense, Dias will struggle and Harry will thrive.

“Harry has not had a good 12 months, but those around him – the coaches or the players – have not helped him so it is inevitable that his confidence and level will suffer.”

‘Around him’ appears to include goalkeeper De Gea – who was arguably the club’s best player last season.

Having said that, there are some glaring issues with the Spaniard game.

For example, he is not very leader, he is poor with the ball at his feet and gets hit in his front position a lot.

He only loves the camera; I’ll give him that.

The report adds that Maguire believes De Gea is part of the season for the team’s poor defense in recent years.

He appears to be ‘frustrated’ with his teammate’s ‘communication’ and ‘reluctance to defend off the goal line’.

Having played 90 minutes just once since the second-round defeat at Brentford, Maguire is now with his England teammates ahead of their Nations League match against Italy and Germany.

Southgate has a big decision to make as the World Cup approaches. Does he start an unworthy and unpopular defender against such a strong opposition?

Knowing Southgate only from the way England play, he likely won’t make a drastic change to his favorite squad ahead of such a massive tournament.

He doesn’t lack options if he drops Maguire, as Fikayo Tomori shines at Milan and Eric Dier appears renewed in Antonio Conte’s defense at Spurs.