Rocky shows a penalty kick to settle the excitement

Blackrock claimed his victory in the Co-Op Superstores Cork Premier SHC’s Quarterfinals at Páirc Uí Chaoimh on Sunday in the most dramatic fashion after a powerful shootout, winning 3-0.

Alan Connolly, Michael O’Loran and Tudge Dessie scored from the penalty line while William Leahy, Seamus Harneidy and Josh Busang were saved by Black Rock champion goalkeeper Gavin Connolly.

After an end-to-end thriller, Black Rock will meet the property of Eren in the turn of the four.

Black Rock goalkeeper Gavin Connolly makes a save during a penalty shootout against Imukeli during the Co-op Supermarkets Cup quarter-final in Cork at Brick Oy Chawmeh. picture; Eddie O’Hare

The score was 1-17 for each player at the end of the regulation – a late goal from Robbie Cotter that led to overtime.

One point separating the two sides after the first period of overtime, Imokely advanced 1-21 to 1-20. And Dennis Ring’s side seemed to have done enough to claim victory, that is, until Shane O’Keefe scored the decisive goal six minutes into the second half of extra time.

William Leahy left to fire the equalizer from ’65 in the third minute of stoppage.

Blackrock settled into the knockout match much faster than their East Cork opponents, and were four-to-one ahead with points lead by Daniel Meaney, Tudge Daisy, Mark O’Keefe and Robbie Cotter eight minutes later.

They were also grateful for the brilliant intervention by Black Rock cornerback Stephen Murphy on Mike Kelly.

It wasn’t long before Imokilly found his shot shoe and by the 18th minute they leveled it. John Cronin started the ball rolling when he created Barry Lawton. There were points from William Leahy and Diarmuid-Healey.

Once again, Blackrock’s Stephen Murphy came to the rescue, and Leahy shot in the ’65 to restore a narrow advantage for Imokelli after 20 minutes, 0-5 to 0-4.

Tadhg Deasy’s powerful run could have ended with a green flag but his shot went over the face of goal and flew wide.

However, Blackrock started up the pace thanks to two goals from Alan Connolly and Daisy.

The nature of the jumps and folds continued as the two teams were equal on three occasions in the second quarter.

With the halfway approaching, Kelly had a good chance of a goal for Imukeli, but he was hit by a goal error, and Leahy took advantage of Imukeli’s free attack to make a poor lead by one point in the half, 0-8 to 0-7 – that’s despite shooting 10 Wide on five blackrock.

The two sides exchanged points after the break before Imokelli confirmed himself. Seamus Hardy did not make a mistake finding the network after the good work done by Kelly. Leahy put his team ahead just five minutes into the second half, 1-10 to 0-8.

By the 40th minute, the Rockies had joined their opponents in 10 broads.

At the three-quarter mark, the division team was four points to the good, 1-12 to 0-11.

The fourth quarter was quite hectic.

Substitute Kevin O’Keeffe, substitute at Blackrock, scored two valuable points, but the defending champions two years ago tried to reduce the difference beyond three.

Serious driving as we know very well.

Then Cotter scored a goal to make him even honors. And not the first time in this tournament, it was another great comeback by Louis Mulkin.

With more than half of the team that started Imokele taking part in club matches over the weekend, the question was how they would perform in overtime.

They played themselves to a standstill. But you have to hand it to Blackrock who was superior when it came to signing penalties.

Blackrock scorers: R Cotter (1-5), S O’Keeffe (1-1), A Connolly (0-4, 0-3 liberated), T Deasy, M O’Halloran and K O’Keeffe (0-3 each) , D Meaney, M O’Keeffe, N Cashman, and A O’Callaghan (0-1 each).

Scorers for Imokily: Leahy (0-11 0-6 are free, 0-2 65), S. Harnedy (1-2), M. Kelly (0-4), Barry Lawton and S. Desmond (0-3 each), J. Leahy, D. Healy and G-Stacks (0-1 each).

Black stone: J. Connolly, S. Murphy, J. Cashman (Captain), C. O’Brien; Cathal Cormack, Ocalagan, De Meany; Ciaran Cormack, N. Cashman; M O’Keeffe, S O’Keeffe, M O’Halloran; T. Daisy, Connolly, R. Cotter.

Subs: K O’Keeffe for S O’Keeffe (48), J O’Sullivan for Ciarán Cormack (55), G Norberg for C O’Brien (ET + 9 insing), S O’Keeffe for J O’Sullivan (60+ ) 10 Ing), D Cormack for M O’Keeffe (60 + 20).

IMOKILLY: E. Davis (St. Catherine); C O’Brien (St Ita’s, J-Capt), M Russell (Aghada), S Hegarty (Dungourney); K O’Neill (Watergrasshill), C Joyce (Castlemartyr), J Cronin (Lisgoold); Leahy (Donjourney), Brian Lawton (Castle Martyr, J-Capt); Barry Lawton (Castle Martyr), S. Hardy (Saint Etta), De Healy (Lesgold); Desmond (Watergrassell), Leahy (Agada), M. Kelly (Castelmartier).

Subs: J Stack (Castelmarter) for De Healy (51), M McCarthy (Agada) for Barry Lawton (55), L O’Shea (Lesgold) for J Leahy (62), J Busang (Russell Rovers) for M Kelly (60) + 20).

Rule: Simon Stokes (Tollys).