Samsung Electronics Introduces Next Generation Micro LED Displays Redefining Hybrid Interactions in Southeast Asia and Oceania

Digital signage now plays an even more important role in transforming experiences for today’s mixed world of work and play

Samsung expands The Wall 2022 lineup by adding IAB and IWB series, which delivers stunning images.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. launched. Today two new series of the wall Samsung’s advanced Micro LED displays – in Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) at the inaugural Samsung Display Tech Summit 2022.

The summit, held in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted around 230 enterprise customers, technology enthusiasts and professional audio-visual partners from across the region over two days to share the latest ideas and first-hand experiences on Samsung’s next-generation business screens and solutions.

said Alex Hong, Head of Asia Group Sales and Marketing Division, Display Solutions, Samsung Electronics. Organizations today have the opportunity to reimagine the future of productivity and collaboration that brings together the physical, digital, and virtual worlds. I am excited about the role of display technologies in helping organizations reconnect with stakeholders in an ever-evolving hybrid world.”

Create immersive customer experiences with The Wall

Floating on top of display technology, Micro LED technology delivers immersive viewing experiences in a large, high-resolution screen format, creating outstanding customer interactions for brands.

In 2018, Samsung, the leading manufacturer of Micro LED displays, launched the wall, which was then the world’s first 146-inch typical consumer Micro LED display. Since its launch, The Wall has been deployed to provide premium customer experiences globally, including in this region.

Micro LED represents the future of display innovation. Samsung is leading the way in Micro LED adoption in Southeast Asia and Oceania with our flagship The Wall series. By expanding The Wall lineup with the launch of the All-in-One model, we are introducing more immersive installation experiences and innovations, greatly simplifying the setup process,” said Leslie Goh, Head of Regional Display Solutions, Southeast Asia and Oceania, Samsung Electronics.

The Wall All-in-One was launched in the SEAO area at the top[1], also called the IAB series, takes the ease of Micro LED installation to the next level. The IAB Series requires only two hours for a two-person installation because it comes with a pre-set tight line and pre-assembled frame kit, which includes a built-in S-box media player. The Wall All-in-One has a display thickness of just 49mm and is available in three models: 4K 146-inch, FHD 146-inch and FHD 110.

It was also unveiled at the top of The Wall IWB series[2]It is available in 0.63 and 0.94 pixel pitches. At 0.63 pixels, this model is the thinnest pixel pitch ever in The Wall’s lineup Samsung’s most detailed picture and dynamic range expansion with 120Hz screen frame rate, HDR10/10+ and LED HDR. The Wall IWB series also offers a variety of screen sizes, accommodating 4K movies of 110 inches and up to an incredible 8K quality of 220 inches.

Feature all models in The Wall collection Black Seal Technologyallowing for cleaner black levels with enhanced depth and detail; Ultra Chromawhere the narrower wavelengths produce RGB colors that are purer and more accurate than traditional LEDs; 20 bit processing To deliver an extraordinary contrast ratio and smooth, natural gradations; And the Micro AI processor Designed to improve image contrast while removing noise.

The wall also features multi viewwhich allows simultaneous playback of content from up to 4 sources on a single screen without the need for a video distributor[3].

Visualizing Productivity and Collaboration in a Hybrid World

In addition to launching the new 2022 models from The Wall, Samsung also showcased the latest in top display solutions relevant to the new work, study and play modes of the hybrid era. These include:

  • A new world of learning and meeting: Classrooms and meeting spaces in a mixed world require seamlessly connected display solutions that are easy to use and immersive while allowing multiple users to collaborate at the same time. The new Samsung Flip Pro 2022 phone is available in 55 inchesAnd the 65 inchesAnd the 75 inches And the 85 inch modelsPerfect for students and professionals to enable high-quality collaboration with realistic writing and drawing experiences using pen and brush modes, built-in video calling apps, multi-connection and wireless screen sharing.

  • A new world of content creation: the new Samsung ViewFinity S8A high-resolution screen for content creators, available in popular sizes for consumers 27 inches And the 32 inch To create impactful content such as graphic design or detailed financial plans in the office or at home. Professional UHD resolution carries a wide color gamut of up to 98% of DCI-PS and VESA DisplayHDR[4] For optimum range, accuracy and nuance. Notably, the ViewFinity S8 received “PANTONE Validated”[5] Recognize the ability to accurately reproduce over 2,000 colors and add 110 newly developed skin tones from PANTONE[6].

  • A new world of gaming experiences: Odyssey ship[7] It is Samsung’s first 55-inch curved 1000R gaming monitor. This next-generation 4K gaming monitor features a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and cockpit mode to create an immersive and personal gaming theater for competitive and casual gamers alike. This great gaming monitor also comes with the Ark Dial, a solar powered controller designed to give the gamer quick access to monitor functions such as Flex Move Screen, Multi View and Quick Settings.

Sustainability by design

At the summit, Samsung reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability by designing and building display solutions that can reduce carbon emissions, as well as contribute to resource cycling.

Carbon Trust CertifiedSince 2021, Samsung has incorporated eco-friendly packaging into its products, while using recycled materials in its display solutions. Samsung has also developed and applied a new material made from recycled ocean-bound plastic to manufacture the ViewFinity S8.

Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased to confirm that The Wall All-in-One will be available locally in the coming months, pricing and availability has yet to be announced. The Wall IWB Series is not currently available locally.

For more information about Samsung screen solutions:

[1] Pricing and availability of The Wall All-in-One in the Australian market has yet to be announced.

[2] Pricing and availability for The Wall IWB series in the Australian market has yet to be announced.

[3] Samsung SNOW-AAE Series LED Signage Box (S-Box) is required to control content on the wall. More information is available here

[4] The 32-inch version supports VESA Display HDR 600, while the 27-inch model supports VESA Display HDR 400.

[5] PANTONE™ has been validated and PANTONE™ SkinTone™ has been validated.

[6] PANTONE is the global authority on color and the creator of the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) and PANTONE SkinTone Colors.

[7] Pricing and availability in Australia has not been announced. Consumers can register their interest here: