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Whether you’re feeling nostalgic for the early 2000s or want to move into the future, Samsung Galaxy Z smartphones offer the best of both worlds. Two of its latest devices feature acclaimed developer power and versatility in flip-up and folding devices. If you want to try one or the other without breaking the bank, best buy He has a great way to memorize.

Save up to $1,300 with the best buy deal

You can have a Galaxy Z fold 4 or Z Flip 4 for less you have Replace your old devicewith up to $1,300 of potential swap savings When activating with Verizon. Or you can simply save $300 on a Galaxy Z Fold4 or $200 on a Galaxy Z Flip4 without the need to trade in. We’ve split the cost difference without a trade-off, but if you’re interested in saving more, we recommend looking at List of negotiable phones and devices.

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The Galaxy Z Fold 4 Usually available for $1,799.99 with activation at Best Buy, or $49.99 per month with a 36-month payment plan; With the deal, you can get the phone at $299 off, and pay $1499.99 or $41.66 a month. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 It’s usually a little cheaper at $999.99 with activation, or $27.77 per month with a payment plan. Right now, you can get the phone at $200 off, and pay $799.99 or $22.22 a month.

Galaxy Fold4 expands outward to give you a larger screen.

What is the difference between Z Fold and Z Flip? key in name; The Z Flip folds inward, and closes like a clamshell, while the Z Fold has twice the surface area, and folds up to give you an almost tablet-like display (it even comes with its own stylus). Both phones are equipped with a flexible mode for meetings or photography, Galaxy optimization for other linked devices and more. we See the first version of Galaxy Flip When it was released it was considered a great phone with excellent smart capabilities and a compact design.

If you want to save more on either phone, Best Buy Totaltech members can get an extra $100 in savings on each model. Could you Register for Best Buy Totaltech For $199.99 a year. If you’re looking to save now on phones, and don’t sign up for Totaltech, you’ll end up spending nearly as much as you save, but you’ll get access to 24-month product protection on most Best Buy purchases and free Geek Squad support.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 from $799.99 (Save $150 to $200) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 from $1499.99 (Save $300)

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