Sergio Garcia was hit right after withdrawing from the BMW PGA Championship

As has become usual lately, LIV Golf dominated the headlines this week as a number of its players were part of the field at the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth.

A number of members of the Saudi-backed Tour were taking part in the event after a court ruling earlier this year allowed them to do so, although they were not doing well with a number of other golfers.

Influential personalities such as Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry They were frank in their criticism From these individuals, saying that they were only participating in the world ranking points and were stealing this spot from other golfers who needed it in order to keep their Tour Card.

Despite this, the Live golf The rebels have the right to participate as things are. However, Sergio Garcia’s actions in recent days bring up the valid complaints that others have made.

Sergio Garcia has criticized the withdrawal of the BMW PGA Championship

Garcia, who was one of the first big names to jump into LIV Golf, showed up on day one at Wentworth on Thursday, leading to a pretty poor showing when he fired a +4 round of 76.

The second day’s play was suspended due to the death of Britain’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and at that point the Spaniard seemed to decide he wasn’t bothered by the tournament anymore. he is Withdrew from the event without giving a reason.

What’s more, he was swinging at a college football game in America the next day, watching Texans take on Alabama.

Given that Garcia didn’t say he’s injured and doesn’t seem to have much trouble flying across the Atlantic for a different sporting event, many assume he simply wasn’t fancy hanging out on the weekend after making a bad start to piss. Competition.

In addition, his wife attended Texas, where her father was also a superstar in the 1970s. Given that their games against Alabama are one of the biggest on the college football calendar, you’ll find it hard to imagine that they haven’t had that date circled on their calendar for quite some time.

This makes his decision to commit to the Championship in the UK at the expense of his teammate even more peculiar.

He’s rightly criticized as a result, especially when you consider that his decision to take another golfer’s place at Wentworth could cost that player his tour ticket next year.

As it turned out, fellow countryman Alfredo Farsia Heredia was the unfortunate one who missed out. With him being right to keep his card, playing in the tournament could have made a huge difference to his career.

bad shape.

Unsurprisingly, Sergio Garcia has been hit hard as a result of his behavior this week.

This is the kind of behavior that has really pushed people down the wrong path when it comes to LIV Golf.

Those who have moved on to the Saudi Project have been fully qualified to do so, but they also feel they have a right to have their cake and eat it when it comes to playing the traditional rounds. They insist on participating in such tournaments, replacing players who need those positions in order to try to make a living from the sport.

If animosity toward LIV players isn’t already on edge, Sergio Garcia’s actions could potentially tip things over the edge.

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