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New collection of Grand Touring 7 Daily races are now available to cover the next seven days, and there is a slightly different format for some of this week’s activities.

Race A reverts back to being a ‘No DR/SR’ event, which means that you will not gain or lose driver and sportsmanship ratings no matter what. This effectively makes it a scheduled lobby race.

The format is also interesting, as the tuning is back, and there are some very specific regulations. You are allowed to use any front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive road vehicle, as long as it is no more than 443 hp and weighs no less than 1,300 kg.

Besides the mandatory Sports Soft tyres, you can apply any vehicle settings and tune the parts you want, including the wide body – but excluding the nitrous ones – which could make trying some of these things an interesting week. Engine Switch Classics.

The race itself is a simple five-lap blast at Monza, in ‘no chicane’ form. This bypasses the first chicane – Variante del Rettifilo – but the other two remain, making for a very high-speed approach to the Curva Grande and then the Variante della Roggia. It’s a good job you can’t lose SR, really, and watch out for the false start check net.

While you must use a garage car for this race, the other two events give you the option of a loan car. Choosing a Custom Event Car lets you borrow a race car, so you can try something new you might not already own or keep miles (and damage) from your precious fleet.

Race B is simple, as the Gr.4 race cars line up for a five-lap race at the new Trial Mountain circuit. Aside from the required Racing Medium tires, there are no particular concerns here, but it will likely be an AWD-controlled event.

This leaves the C race, which has some organizational weaknesses to note. It’s a ten-lap Gr.3 race around the new Daytona Road track – which results in a rare application of the new “high-speed” performance balance settings.

Additionally, you should be aware of tire limitations. You must use both the Racing Hard and Medium Racing tire for at least one lap of the race – pitting before you hit the start, pitting when you finish the last round will not qualify – or face a one-minute penalty added to your car at the time of the final race.

The relatively high wear rate, set at a 9x multiplier so that one lap equals nine laps of wear, means that some strategy is needed. You’ll want the medium tires for as long as possible, but they won’t last; The choice is whether you start with Hards and use Mediums when you are lighter on fuel or build an advantage on Mediums and eventually switch Hards.

In order to access the daily races, you’ll need to unlock Sports Mode, by completing Menu Book 9 (“Championship: Tokyo Expressway Parade”) in the Single Player Center at the GT Cafe.

with GT7Daily Races updated every Monday so far, the next new batch should arrive on Monday 26th September.


  • a path: Monza National Circuit (without Chicane), 5 laps
  • Sentences: FR Road Car – Garage Car
  • Power limit / Weight / PP: 443 hp / 1300 kg
  • Tires: Sports Soft
  • Settings: Permissible
  • start type: Network start with false start check
  • fuel use: 1x
  • tire use: 1x

racing with

  • a path: Trial Mountain, 5 rolls
  • Sentences: Group 4 – Garage / car rental
  • Power limit / Weight / PP: BOP(m)
  • Tires: Racing Medium, Racing Inter/Wet
  • Settings: fixed
  • start type: start rolling
  • fuel use: 1x
  • tire use: 1x

race c

  • a path: Daytona – road cycle, 10 laps
  • Sentences: Group 3 – Garage / car rental
  • Power limit / Weight / PP: BOP (H)
  • Tires: Racing Hard*, Racing Medium*, Racing Inter / Wet
  • Settings: fixed
  • start type: start rolling
  • fuel use: 1x
  • tire use: 9x

*Indicates mandatory tires

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