In his absence from England, James Madison became Pirlo, Modric and Kimmich

James Maddison is a decent attacking midfielder but now we all have to pretend to be a playmaker like Andrea Pirlo. FFS. crazy of youThere’s certainly an argument to be made about James Maddison getting another chance with England – although going to the casino after pulling out of an ill England squad is one … Read more

The youngest player to debut in the Premier League and what happened to them…

Inspired by Arsenal playing a young boy at Brentford, we’ve taken a look at the Premier League’s youngest player, with plenty of cautionary tales from Ethan Nwanyeri. Arsenal: Ethan Nwaneri15 years, 5 months, 28 daysDebut: Brentford 0-3 Arsenal on September 28, 2022The player who pushed this advantage made his Arsenal debut from the bench last … Read more

Six struggling Premier League stars will enjoy some respite during the international break

The international break will be a long time coming for a lot of players in the Premier League. Here are six Premier League superstars who have struggled at club level and will be excited to spend time with their fellow countrymen. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Ronaldo reported late on Erik Ten Hag’s first pre-season at Manchester … Read more

Manchester United and Erik ten Hag ‘disagree’ and we are all saddened by the sacking of innocent Brendan

Obviously there is no evidence that Erik ten Hag “disagrees” with anything with Manchester United but we go. Additionally, Brendan Rodgers is innocent in Leicester. Can we all agree to “disagree”?Pretending something to happen is part of the fun of an international hangout. But this shouldn’t just include making up quotes for a live blog … Read more

England goalkeeper is the best for goalkeepers, Mendy is struggling, Ward is sad

Jordan Pickford has denied his opponents more goals than any other goalkeeper in the Premier League. Perhaps Leicester was swinging over Kasper Schmeichel’s decision. Jordan Pickford has started the season wellWhere he stopped last season. The Everton goalkeeper has the best PSxG – GA number in the Premier League. What does this mean, you ask? … Read more

The new Liverpool, Forrest and Manchester United player has been among the top ten disappointments of the season

The Premier League season is heading into an international break with some clubs, managers and players as absolute losses. Poor Liverpool. 10) Hyung Min SoonNot the best start, this one. She’s already been exposed as a journalist unsuitable for the clickbait agenda of bias, and it’s hard to argue frankly. On a serious note, it … Read more

Tottenham – Leicester, Steven Gerrard, Everton, Diego Costa and the Madrid derby in the Big Weekend

Is Leicester playing with Brendan in Tottenham? Villa can also make Steven Gerrard’s international break more comfortable, and we’re calling for Diego Costa’s debut… Match to watch – Tottenham vs LeicesterIt certainly isn’t the big weekend we’ve been looking forward to. If all matches are going on, Leicester’s trip to Tottenham may not shine in … Read more

Liverpool’s loan for panic between five summer deals in the Premier League seems a bit futile

Leicester destroy third-choice goalkeepers and occupy the latest deals with Liverpool, panic deals are higher than Ben Davies but still far from Stephen Caulker. Alex Smithies (Leicester)The whole premise of the third-choice goalkeeper is that it’s the only part of the elite squad building process that you can really enjoy – within the set parameters. … Read more

Club out? The Liverpool coach appears in the English Premier League sacking race

There is little time to stop and think about football season which is the athletic equivalent of Mr. Creosote and where another game could be the fluffy mint causing everything to end in an amazing and unpleasant way. But the closest thing to stopping is now. The Premier League matches have been canceled this past … Read more

The best player in the English Premier League loses to Qatar

With the international respite looming and with it one last chance for international coaches to try something before naming their teams for the World Cup, we can all see who will or might play in this winter’s World Cup. But we crave certainty, thus moving away from “could…if this happens” or wondering if the player … Read more