Japanese Charts: Splatoon 3 sells half a million more physical copies

picture: nintendo breaking news – Splatoon 3 It still inked all over the charts in Japan (and everywhere, really!). After last week’s bumper sales, Japanese charts Famitsu revealed this week that despite the expected drop in sales, the third slug-based shooter still manages to convert an incredible 506,610 PMU. This means that actual sales of … Read more

The latest Minecraft update is a beast, here are the patch notes

Play and performance fix a lot by Olly Reynolds 1 hour ago Photo: Mojang Latest Bedrock Maine Craft The update has arrived and it’s a big deal, folks. Version 1.19.30 brings with it a heap of gameplay updates, bug fixes, and technical improvements, making mine crafting a more enjoyable experience than ever (hopefully). There’s a … Read more

“Everyone dies in my stories” – Danganronpa creator talks ‘Master Detective Archive: RAIN CODE’

Photo: Spike Chunsoft One of the biggest surprises and distinction during September 13th, Nintendo Direct It was detected Archives of Chief Detective: The Rain Codean all-new puzzle game from Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator Danganronpa series. Set in a rainy city full of flashing lights, and embracing a fantasy style that is darker than the blood-soaked … Read more

Loop8: Summer Of Gods is a time travel RPG from Lunar and Grandia

participation in Nintendo Live on me Youtube XSEED Games recently announced that it will provide time travel AI RPGs that are driven by emotion Loop8: Summer of the Gods To switch in 2023! This good-looking game might be another growing up story set in a Japanese school, but it has an all-star development team and … Read more

What on earth is going on with Square Enix?

Photo: Nintendo Live If you even take a quick look at release schedule Over the next six months, you will notice that there are a lot of games to be released. If you look closely, you will discover that maybe 50 of them are from Square Enix. And that’s only on Switch! We’re exaggerating, of … Read more

Prodeus brings old-school death-like carnage to Switch next week

participation in Nintendo Live on me Youtube Humble Games and Bounding Box Software have announced that old-school, blood-pumping shooter Prodeus will be leaving Early Access next week. And the Coming to Switch. On September 23, you will be able to load up your weapons and clothing in this amazing retro style shooter, which combines cool … Read more

Disney Dreamlight Valley is receiving the update, and here are the full patch notes

Photo: Gameloft The charming and quiet life of Gameloft Disney Dreamlight Valley Capture more than ‘one little spark’ of imagination in many. And now the game has received a very major update that aims to ease the experience and fix a number of small issues and issues that players have encountered. We have reported Some … Read more

Modified tri-color battle happening, performance fixes, and more

Splatoon 3 It gets its first official patch update exactly a week after its release, and Nintendo will focus more on addressing some of the performance issues. Aside from various bug fixes, the developers will also be looking to make changes to Splatfests and adjust the rate at which Tricolor Battle occurs. From now on, … Read more

Splatoon 3 v1.1.1 update is now live, here are the full patch notes

Photo: Nintendo Exactly a week after its release, Nintendo rolled out a new update for the latest first-party title Splatoon 3. This upgrades the game to version 1.1.1 and includes a large set of changes. There are Splatfests mods, player controls, and multiplayer in the game – including Salmon Run, story mode mods and more. … Read more

Random: Fans are taking Splatoon 3 Locker designs to a whole new level

Photo: Nintendo If you’ve read enough articles here on Nintendo Life over the past few weeks, you’ll know that we Grand Members Splatoon 3. The game seems to balance those little quirks that made previous games so successful, with enough new features that the latest entry really looks like “top of the chain” (like Our … Read more