England showcases the best of it all and Harry Maguire before the Pope leaves the air at Wembley

England showcases the best of it all and Harry Maguire before the Pope leaves the air at Wembley

The good news is that England overturned a two-goal side to advance 3-2. The bad news was Harry Maguire and Nick Pope. Well, at least they had fun with us. Next time we see England, they’ll take to the field in their first group match at the World Cup against Iran, but what are we … Read more

Mark Lawrence explained why the BBC was right to dump it

Mark Lawrence has revealed himself as the most snowflake ever with comments about his departure from the BBC earlier this year. If you’re lucky enough to land a job in the media, it’s best to stay away from clichés, but sometimes you have little choice but to indulge in it anyway. With that in mind, … Read more

Gareth Southgate needs one last act of courage in his final weeks with England

Sadly, we’re in the final weeks of Gareth Southgate. The holiday from “Usual England” is coming to an end. It was a great love affair with so many hot memories, so many highs and so few bad moments. He made England feel modern and more civilized. He gave us reason to admire the national team … Read more

Nawaneri is an obvious talent, but 15 years old is too young to play professional football

Ethan Nwaneri is an obvious talent, but the 15-year-old is certainly still too young for the tremendous pressures of professional football. As with cops, so with football players. that they an act She looks younger these days. And with the 2022/23 season already having two records broken for the youngest players ever, it looks like … Read more

A tepid start at Watford means the new manager has already lost

Watford signaled a change of direction in appointing Rob Edwards earlier this year, but the mixed early results are already pressing. Summer is over and fall has begun, so naturally the talk will turn to the annual replacement of the Watford manager. The Hornets are off to an exhilarating, paradoxical start to life once again … Read more

‘Liz Truss’ and the Premier League are preparing for a change in regulations

No wonder the Premier League has been playing ‘wait and see’ on its Premier League bid when a duty-free shopper is the new prime minister. The reaction was muted, almost silent, but the pressure was all too evident this week with the not entirely surprising news that the new government has been formed by Liz … Read more

Harry Maguire is the least shocking of all shock defects

If your immediate thought seeing Gareth Southgate’s last England squad was incredibly trending on Twitter/WhatsApp/true true friends and bemoaning Harry Maguire’s inclusion, you really have no idea how international football, and especially international football for only two months, has worked. . before a major tournament. Maguire has started 13 of England’s 16 internationals since showing … Read more

Potter can’t wave his magic wand at Chelsea as Sterling is her winger and Aubameyang disappears

Thomas Tuchel started with a disappointing equalizer and was crowned European champions four months later. Graham Potter imagines repeating Chelsea. Graham Potter said when asked to explain what he imagined Chelsea would take His first match as coach against Salzburg. It was an answer that would provide disturbing knowledge to Brighton supporters, who had spent … Read more

Ecuador’s World Cup expulsion over Byron Castillo could be a necessary embarrassment for FIFA

Ecuador’s expulsion from the World Cup two months before it begins is undesirable for FIFA, but that does not mean that it should not happen. In just over two months, the 2022 World Cup will kick off in Qatar, but new doubts are swirling over who will even play in the tournament’s opening match after … Read more

How many matches would make him worth £15m a season for Chelsea?

N’Golo Kante’s body is either broken or on the verge of collapse, but what are his periods between injury to Chelsea? He is still the best player in the “big matches”. Not long ago, Chelsea had a self-imposed rule which meant they would not offer a contract of more than a year to a player … Read more