‘Meteorite crash’ staged at Tasmania school to promote science worries some on Facebook

A fake meteorite crater in a school parking lot, set up to promote “Science Discovery Day,” was done so well that it sparked alarm on social media – school leaders admitted “we didn’t think it would be this big”. the main points: A Tasmanian school staged a mock ‘meteor effect’ in its parking lot to … Read more

Astronomers reveal new details about the origins of a mysterious fast radio explosion in space | News

More than 15 years after the discovery of fast radio bursts, new research has unraveled the mystery of the origins and depth of these phenomena in deep space. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are powerful, bright emissions of radio waves ranging from a fraction of a millisecond to a few thousandths of a second, each … Read more

Cyborg cockroaches will become first responders to disasters

Technology is taking over a lot of jobs and the newest sector may be the first responder as in the near future after an earthquake smashes a building and survivors are trapped under tons of debris and rubble, swarms of cyborg cockroaches may be just the solution. Find these survivors and locate them. This is … Read more

The eruption of the Tonga volcano was unusual, it could even warm the earth

New York — When an undersea volcano in Tonga erupted in January, its watery eruption was massive and unusual — and scientists are still trying to understand its effects. A study published Thursday in the journal Science reports that the volcano, known as Henga Tonga Hong Hapai, released millions of tons of water vapor high … Read more

The Pine Island Glacier is more vulnerable than thought – and could cause sea levels to rise by 1.6 feet

The study warns that the Pine Island ice shelf in Antarctica is more vulnerable than previously thought — and could cause the global sea level to rise by 1.6 feet if it collapses. Pine Island ice shelf traps enough ice to raise sea level by 1.6 feet He could be more prone to complete disintegration … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Watch user claims it can be worn Wrist burned when left on while sleeping

Samsung Galaxy Watch user claims it can be worn Wrist burned when left on while sleeping A user on Reddit shared photos of a burn claiming to be caused by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 He claims that the marks are third-degree burns – extending to the fatty layer that lies under the dermis Few … Read more

Alice writes down the properties of hypermatter

A recent collaboration study of an “alien” and unstable nucleus known as a hypertriton provides new insight into the particle interactions that may occur in the cores of neutron stars. International Alice cooperation in Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has only chest The most accurate measurements to date of two properties of a hypernuclear core may … Read more

Discovery of the Mars rover may shed light on when water was there

The Persevering Rover on Mars. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS) Use NASA‘s Perseverance Mars Rovera team of scientists including many University Hawaii In Mānoa, it was discovered that Jezero Crater consists largely of igneous rocks (formed by igneous magma), rather than sedimentary rocks; That water changed the minerals in the crater bottom rocks. This discovery will help … Read more

Mars is filled with 15,694 pounds of human trash from 50 years of robotic exploration | latest news

Vehicles on Mars frequently encounter debris—such as this heat shield and spring—from their own missions or others. NASA/JPL-Caltech CC BY-ND People have been exploring the surface of Mars for More than 50 years. according to United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairssent countries 18 man-made pieces of Mars More than 14 separate missions. Many of … Read more

Space archaeologists introduce first tropical habitat consulting firm

1/2 license image alt=”Three famous space archaeologists have opened a new consulting firm, advising the builders and designers of any future space stations or other extraterrestrial living arrangements that are currently in planning mode prior to the retirement of the International Space Station (pictured). File image from NASA | license image ”/> Three famous space … Read more