How to watch NASA’s Dart spacecraft crash into an asteroid

Artist’s depiction of the DART spacecraft approaching an asteroid. Clarification: NASA DART’s demise has finally come to an end, as NASA’s spacecraft is on a collision course with the tiny asteroid Demorphos. Here’s how you can witness this all-important asteroid-distracting experiment. An acronym for the Double Asteroid Redirection Test, the DART . mission It is … Read more

Cyborg cockroaches will become first responders to disasters

Technology is taking over a lot of jobs and the newest sector may be the first responder as in the near future after an earthquake smashes a building and survivors are trapped under tons of debris and rubble, swarms of cyborg cockroaches may be just the solution. Find these survivors and locate them. This is … Read more

NASA improves its strategy to get humans to Mars

Artist’s conception of an early Martian base. picture: NASA NASA agency Next Artemis Moon Program Serve as a springboard for an eventual manned mission to Mars. A revised list of planning objectives details a strategy to accomplish this hard feat. The documentchest Tuesday, serve As a blueprint for how humans will eventually be sent to … Read more

Will Rockstar Hack Delay Grand Theft Auto 6?

picture: Luca Lorenzelli (stock struggle) What, if any, impact will the severe hack earlier this week have on Rockstar Games’ business? Game publisher Systems have been hacked Just days ago, what some call the biggest breakthrough of its kind in recent memory. Known for popular perks like Red Death The grand theft autoRockstar said it … Read more

Classical computers can solve some quantum problems

Newswise – There’s been a lot of buzz around quantum computers, and for good reason. Future computers are designed to mimic what happens in nature at microscopic scales, meaning they have the potential to better understand the quantum world and speed up the discovery of new materials, including environmentally friendly drugs, chemicals and more. However, … Read more

Cornell leads the expansion of the Jicamarca radar observatory

Newswise – ITHACA, NY – Cornell is renewing and expanding searches at the Jicamarca Observatory – the world’s largest non-coherent scattering radar system – thanks to more than $12 million in grants that will help scientists understand “space weather” that affects satellites and other technologies associated with the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Located in Lima, Peru, … Read more

Demand for the Apple iPhone 14 is strong. Is there anything left for Christmas?

font size Analysts have already seen strong demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Getty Images demand for An apple The iPhone 14 Pro is so powerful that one analyst believes there may be a stock issue in the holiday season. Apple (stock ticker: APPL) launched the iPhone 14 for sale in stores … Read more

Tile’s Anti-AirTags is a safer way to keep track of your items

Apple AirTags Didn’t enjoy the positive press the company was probably hoping for. While small devices are great for keeping tabs on the things you often miss in your life (minus your children), they also generated controversy, as stalkers used them to track people down. Not cool. But AirTags aren’t the only trackers on the … Read more

Passive cooling system can benefit off-grid sites

Newswise – As the world gets warmer, the use of energy-hungry air conditioning systems is expected to increase exponentially, putting pressure on existing power grids and bypassing many locations with little or no reliable electrical power. Now, an innovative system developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a way to use passive cooling to … Read more